Latest Code VBA changes

19jul24 10.0.67

  • Removed form and control event procedures from properties submenus, making these menus smaller and more to the point.
  • Removed 'Expression' as argument from VBA conversion procedures such as DDbl and CDate as having them causes compile error.
  • We now support empty 'Return type variable' field - having the variable is not always required, e.g. Workbooks.Add.
  • 'Item' being defaultmember for collections, it now appears at top of collections properties menus.

15jul24 10.0.66

  • Menu based support for different use cases of Set
  • New support for Loop and If constructs: extended menus replace builder dialogs.
  • Fixed no intellisense after If[space]
  • Fixed SubMenu.VariableSubMenu error
  • Improved KeyboardHooking
  • Fixed DialogProcedureBuilder.TimerTick error

5jul24 10.0.65

  • Autocomplete for variable name now also applied when dot (.) is typed in popup.
  • add empty line to top for With submenus: allow for With without specifying a first what to do in it.
  • Fixed: With Item (index:= on wrong line
  • Improved: Intellisense on If inside With only shows the boolean properties of the with - now the normal Boolean submenu options also appears
  • Tooltips now also appear for related classes procedures.
  • Boolean properties now also appear in Object to which they apply, e.g. SheetExists for a Workbook.
  • Excel Column and Row index now only show relevant parameters.
  • Specified returnvarnames.txt now also apply to class procedures.

28jun24 10.0.64

  • Object menu extended with Workbooks and Sheets.
  • Added Set to Class menus
  • Extended Boolean menus now including fragments/procedures applying to an object, e.g. function SheetExists.
  • Fixed wrong procedure argument in Access Record Delete.
  • Fixed With not being applied in menu involving multiple class levels.
  • Fixed TimerTick error in Procedure Call Builder.
  • Fixed some sentences where MS autocomplete was not working.

24jun24 10.0.63

  • Fixed: code in builder textbox does not correctly reflect parameter values
  • Removed getting the list of Access form controls in the case of Immediate window

15jun24 10.0.62

  • Intellisense now also works for setting form control properties.
  • Added Excel Selection to Object menu.
  • Intellisense now also works inside statements that require Boolean values such as If, While and after operators such as And, Or.
  • Fixed complex epression using Name not getting inserted.
  • Removed the Return Variable combo on Procedure Builder Dialogs when making a Set statement starting from an object variable.
  • Debug.Print submenus now also give full access to available object variable properties.

7jun24 10.0.61

  • Fixed intellisense no longer working after & or +
  • Selection added as option to the Set menu for Range
  • Areas given a more prominent position in the Set menu for Range
  • Fixed wrong object type in loops with Sheets/Worksheets
  • For Each with range object variables now supported - for Columns, Rows, Cells Areas.
  • Made Application global procedures less prominent / lower in the menu because they have the parent object (ActiveWorkbook/ActiveSheet) implicit, where the explicit use is to be preferred.

30may24 10.0.59/60

  • Shortened menu item name by removing sometimes occurring superfluous groupname.
  • Fixed error Object reference not set to an instance of an object in MenuItemDropDownOpening
  • Fixed menu item New Function sometimes only inserting the call, but not creating it.
  • Fixed Access form menu list of control appearing double.

11may24 10.0.58

  • Important Set methods for class variables more easily found and have shorter menu routes
  • Some missing cases where Code VBA IntelliSense applies now supported.
  • Fixed problem with Macro Creator involving new Personal.xslb not getting loaded.

7may24 10.0.57

  • Added input box for giving name to quick Procedure creation as an option. You can deselect it under preferences if you don't consider it an improvement.
  • (MS Access) Improved support for Form and Report Sections, allowing to select which AcSection.
  • (MS Access) Improved support for Report GroupLevels, allowing to select which level.
  • Fixed IntelliSense should not react to the ">" sign
  • Fixed reported incident with VariableMenu.GetWithVariable

1may24 10.0.56

  • IntelliSense now also lets you select the ability to create a new function procedure, which ads a stub function o the required type under the procedure actually being worked on.
  • Fixed disappeared top level calsses in Variable Excel menu
  • Find now also includes global procedures in its search.
  • Fixed inserting code when working from Immediate window did not recognize this as active window

26apr24 10.0.55/h3>
  • Fxed incidents where the class variable was inerted unlinked to the method.
  • Fixed inserting code in Immediate window no longer working.
  • Fixed error 'SendKeys cannot run inside this application because the application is not handling Windows messages.'
  • Fixed missing dot in contruct like Me.Refresh

24apr24 10.0.54

  • Disabled Code VBA IntelliSense in case of Me. in Access forms and reports - it caused the common use of electing listed controls not to be available.
  • Fixed bugs in generated code from Find > Search results
  • Fixed error in get_IsNewLine

12apr24 10.0.52/53

  • Intellisense now recognizes special objects like Sheet1 and ThisWorkbook.
  • When return variable is hidden, the Procedure Call Builder dialog did not look balanced. The extra space is now made to good use.
  • Temporarily disabled overruling MS Intellisense for Me. in Access forms
  • Fixed error codevba.Finder.GetLibraryWords
  • Fixed error codevba.Finder.CreateSynonyms

11apr24 10.0.51

  • Find feature added to the object menu. It returns a submenu showing all procedures for the current object that are related to the selected word.
  • Stop MS VBA Intellisense interfering when working from object variable folloed by dot.
  • Fixed SEHExceptions incidents

11mar24 10.0.50

  • Fixed instability which was present a few hours in the version released on 9th of march.
  • Procedure Builder and Property Builder now also allow using application types in addition to the standard types.

9mar24 10.0.49

  • Procedure call builders now preview any code changes in the arguments property sheets instantly. Before, the cursor had to exit the grid before peview was updated.
  • You can now set the preference to not add automatic prefixes to variables. As an alternative for the prefixes variables now can be 1. for arguments, the argumentname or the procedurename in case of return types. To prevent conflicts, when needed the variables get a number suffix (e.g. Len1 as returntype for the Len function - as alternative to intLen)
  • You can now set the preference to decide if you want intellisense to start after Alt-Space or Shift-Space individually.

29feb24 10.0.47/48

  • The Variable Builder is redesigned. It now supports selecting application class types in addition to standard classes
  • The Variable menunow supports selecting application class types for instant variable insertion.
  • Intellisense now recognizes class variable assignment such as wb= and after CTRL-Space opens a menu showing all manners in which you can complete the assignment expression, including adding Set (if absent): ActiveWorkbook, Workbooks.Add, Sheet1.Parent, etcetera.
  • Shortened menu for variable assignment expressions, the extra menu for selecting a return variable is not appropriate in such a use case.
  • Positioned Folder Builder and String Builder lower in String menu reflecting lesser common use.
  • Added class variables in context as possible items to use in a specific class variable assignment.
  • Removed superfluous menus for class variable assignment that involved a collection and its Parent.
  • Fixed the selected submenu class type niet being taken in account in more complex assignments.
  • Fixed incomplete property value list in case of mixed enumes such as Borders.LineStyle
  • Fixed some cases for With submenu where the class variable gets lost under longer menu such as setting value using VBA function.
  • Changed Chart variable prefix to chrt to avoid confilct with VBA.chr procedure.
  • Removed incorrect property Visible menu for Sheets where type was set to Chart.

9feb24 10.0.45/46

  • Fixed: return type variable should not be visible in dialog if called on right side of an assignment sentence
  • Fixed: Workbooks.Add Template parameter not distinghuishing selected argument.
  • Removed Search from toolbar, current moving to Google not considered to have sufficient value.
  • Removed Help from toolbar. Reason: icon esthetics low resolution. Also, it dupplicates what is available down the main menu.
  • Better intellisense when starting after object variable.
  • Intellisense only showing methods and properties when starting after object variable + dot.

26jan24 10.0.44

  • Fixed error sometimes occurring when opening VB Editor

26nov23 10.0.43

  • Procedure Builder selectable arguments now also include Object type variables.
  • Object menu now includes procedure arguments that are of an Object type

24nov23 10.0.41/42

  • Fixed Select Case Builder not picking up enum values belonging to function return variable
  • Fixed Select Procedure Builder not picking up enum values for arguments from application specific types.

14jun23 10.0.40

  • Extended Intellisense menu with functions written bij the user.
  • Fixed error when user class has multiple procedures with the same name.

29apr23 10.0.39

  • Notepad no longer needs to be the default txt file editor for certain preferences
  • Fixed error incident With multiple variables
  • Fixed Code Explorer flicker in class modules
  • Corrected issue with Tidy indentation

23mar23 10.0.38

  • Fixed Goto menu at top not opening
  • Fixed error occuringen when opening some Excel menu items from within Access

29jan23 10.0.37

  • Some minor fixes

18nov22 10.0.36

  • Some fixes to the 'Quick' menu not always ending in the correct position.
  • Improved declaration of Collection variable as part of Collection » to automatically 'Set ...= New Collection'
  • Added popup list to select from to the Format procedure Format argument.
  • Changed expected type to Date for Date argument for FormatDateTime procedure.
  • Minor improvement to VBA » Date and Time menus.
  • Folder Builder… added to the intellisense menu for String type.
  • Builders (New) variable builder now also recognizes 'as' (lowercase) before type and now creates the intended new variable.
  • Fixed mouse position interference with intellisense menu.

5nov22 10.0.35

  • Type intelliSense now also works for function names return e.g. Function1 = .
  • Added: Folder Builder to intellisense for Strings
  • Fixed: Folder Builder not starting from VBA » Folder raquo; .
  • Fixed error that occurred when selecting procedure starting from End Sub to beginning.
  • Prevent Autotidy as started by getting outside of procedure event should not happen when selecting lines using Shift-ArrowDown.
  • Fixed: ? missing from inserted function when inserted into Immediate Window from Code Explorer,
  • Removed: value 'True' - remove from Select Case builder, not helpful.

15oct22 10.0.34

  • Added support for insertion of methods and properties of custom classes from both menu and Code Explorer.
  • Insertion of collection property of custom classes changed to insertion of Public variable to make coding collection operations easier.
  • In Procedure Builders argument popups moved New Variable to top, above existing variables, as the former is statistically the most likely choice.
  • Added Me to the top of the Object menu, in case of inside a custom class module
  • Demo fragments appearing at the top of the Fragments menu
  • Several places missing ellipsis ... added

27sep22 10.0.33

  • Extend String IntelliSense with Excel.Application.GetOpenFilename
  • Empty line added in submenu for procedure with one argument (e.g. Debug.Print)
  • Fixed: IntelliSense did not work correctly when inserting Fragments in If Then and similar condition positions.
  • Removed: using Quick menu on IntelliSense, not useful

21sep22 10.0.32

10sep22 10.0.31

  • IntelliSense now supports extra string functions page with ., StartsWith and EndsWith, Contains and more.
  • New: in code window when cursor in a hyperlink pressing F1 opens the web page.
  • New preference 'Hide Object extended menu'. When checked, the submenus for properties and arguments only provide variables and VBA functions, but not submenus for the available objects. Reason is that these have a low chance of being relevant and may be considered by some users to make the menu unnecessarily large. If needed the user van select the blank item, and complete the line using IntelliSense.
  • Fixed IntelliSense not working in If _ Then when the line has more content after Then.
  • Fixed conflict between AutoTidy and debugging.
  • Corrected argument types and handling in Excel, notably the Range Property Cell1.

1sep22 10.0.29/30

  • Enum value insertion (long or short or numeric) now is determined dynamically, preference is removed.
  • Added feature of being able to run For Each in the Immediate bwindow allowing easy creation of all kinds of lists or other actions on items in collection.
  • Some improvements in Constant Builder
  • Fixed wrong proposed names e.g. wb.Add
  • Fixed bug in code WorksheetFunctio.Lookup
  • Fixed reported bug Value cannot be null in ProcedureSubmenuItems
  • Fixed case with Quick Menu not working

24aug22 10.0.28

  • Easier moving through menus by avoiding interference with mouse pointer position.
  • More complete and consistent menus by more generalized underlaying model.
  • Fixed AutoTidy for handling older While Wend loop.
  • Fixed Quick menu

28jul22 10.0.27

  • Added PowerPointFiller class with demo (PowerPoint » Fragments »
  • Added ExcelFiller class with demo (Excel » Fragments »
  • Added WordFiller class with demo (Word » Fragments »
  • Changed: cleaned up fragments for Array.
  • Fixed: Quick menu no longer working.
  • Fixed: NullReferenceException in WithCodeBuilder.GetCode
  • Fixed: error Value cannot be null in Regex.Replace.

24jul22 10.0.26

  • Added ExcelFiller class for easy filling of (named) ranges and listobject: add from Excel > Fragments > _Excel Filler Demo'
  • Support inserting code in Immediate window when debugging.
  • Intellisense - extend boolean menus with Not keyword.
  • Boolean Let submenus should include the Condition Builder
  • Fixed incorrect function call insertion in If ... Then.
  • Removed empty line menu item in Get submenus.
  • Fixed double occurrance of ThisWorkbook in Method Builder

13jul22 10.0.25

  • Single item ranges in Excel such as ActiveCell no longer have For Each as submenu (nor Item and Count properties)
  • Fixed Excel Range.Name relation
  • Fixed wrong code when clearing return variable, not required brackets are then removed.
  • Improved navigation of menus using keys.
  • Removed keyword Enum being picked up as variable name.
  • codevbasetup-nonadmin.exe version now also distributes up latest version.
  • Several error reporting bugs fixed.

9jul22 10.0.24

  • Tidy indentationnow also can be set automatically on leaving edited procedures.
  • Two code formatting bugs fixed.
  • Which methods and properties appear at the top of the menu can now be changed by the user.
  • Improved speed of menus.
  • Fixed some Unhandled Exceptions
  • Fixed wrong object variable being used when switching from one of the same type to another.
  • Added empty item for selection to leave open to users to enter something else if available items don't include what the user wants, e.g. entering a constant.

27jun22 10.0.23

  • Inserting code from menu to Immediate window now also available while debugging
  • Improved adding error handling fragments which now distribute themself correctly over a procedure that already contains code.
  • When opening a new project a Module is automatically added if there is none - depending on your prefernce setting
  • Also, the first procedure in the module in your project is selected.

17jun22 10.0.22

  • Empty choice for variable added to list of submenu for variables, for the case where you want to insert a specific value yourself.
  • Items under Object now also appear under IntelliSense menu
  • Fixed error occurring when With path involved collection
  • Empty line removed when incertain fragments with module reference
  • Removal of outdated fragments
  • Fixed Prefix not added when creating/using variable in fragment
  • Fixed certain fragments on selection not being inserted.

9jun22 10.0.21

  • Menu Object now shows properties of the required when started after =.
  • Fixed fragments Content mismatch with HTMLElement, now is AppendContentValue
  • Fixed Variable Builder, Add to top, wrong preview content

31may22 10.0.19-20

  • Limitation on use of methods in the Immediate window that return an Object removed.
  • Named ranges now appear in the Object menu for direct use.
  • Value of property displayed now for all Objects that appear in the Object menu.
  • Arrays of a type now also included as variables in the IntelliSense menu.
  • Export in Code Explorer now sets the name of module as the default in the Save As dialog.
  • If Show Tooltip preference is off, fix that F1 makes the web help page appear.
  • Fix that value in Expression field in Select Case dialog is not picked up.
  • Breaklines added for type VBA in the IntelliSense menu.
  • Improved item variable naming & handling in For Each constructions.

24may22 10.0.18

  • Shortened menus when working from Immediate window.
  • Improved menu for setting Bolean type property (shorter).
  • Fixed error occuring in displaying tooltip when property has Null value.
  • Tooltips with values now also work for other Office applications than Excel.
  • Better handling of very long values when displaying them in tooltip.
  • Fixed tooltips no longer appearing if Object variable is not first class citizen (e.g. Sheet1)

12may22 10.0.18

  • Use menus to try out behaviour of code in Immediate window.
  • Fixed code insertion when automating using Early binding.

27apr22 10.0.16-17

  • In Access, under the Object menu, procedures in forms and modules now can act on controls of itself or other forms.
  • If the number of Forms or Reports is large, only open forms are displayed to prevent clutter and possible speed issues.
  • IntelliSense nor also is available for function return value setting (fx=)

20apr22 10.0.15

5apr22 v10 major release (10.0.1-12)

14sep21 v9.0.37

  • Object variables now als give for related classes Set and For Each. For example for ThisWorkbook, For Each ws in Worksheets and Set ws = ActiveWorksheet
  • Native variables like Sheet1 now also selectable in the Builders
  • GoTo menu extended with Exit Procedure, Exit Do and Exit For
  • In Object menu, change list item from for example 'Form_frmCustomer' to 'Form!frmCustomer', a more conventional way of representing the item.
  • OK no longer Accept button in String Builder and Enum Builder

15aug21 v9.0.38-39

  • Under menu 'Objects' now names that are recognized by VBA such as Me and Sheet1 are recognized allowing you to directly use them without first having to declare variables. Note: the objects in MS Access still need to adjusted.
  • The additional 'Objects' also are available in the Procedure Builder Class variable selection box
  • Extended the fragments syntax so that the Fragment Inserter now can let you select appropriate method, e.g. MailItem .Draft or .Send

29jul21 v9.0.37

  • Outlook now has Create Item fragments for MailItem, ContactItem, etcetera.
  • New: Fragment Inserter dialog that allows you to select variables in the code context to use in the code fragment.
  • In Procedure Builder for WorksheetFunction removed With checkbox
  • WorksheetFunction menu now sorted alphabetically
  • Date Picker and some other features now (as it should have been) available for licensed users.

17jul21 v9.0.35-36

  • Fixed names of sheets in Excel no longer appearing in the Code Explorer.
  • Implemented the best suitable (default) Set-ting of the main class objects of the office application, saving you the effort of doing it in an explicit step. For example the two steps...
    Dim win as Window: Set win = ActiveWindow
    ... are now reduced to one
    This is also done for Excel: Workbook, Word and Publisher: Document, PowerPoint: Presentation, DAO: CurrentDB. On most cases the Active is used, but in special suitable cases ThisWorkbook or ThisDocument is selected as the more logical default. You can overrule the default by first inserting the Set statement for the object variable.
  • Fixed missing object variable in ADO.Connection object
  • GoSub label code bug fixed
  • Fixed generated code for MailItem Attachments.Item

9jul21 v9.0.34

  • Fixed Access on some systems not closing fully (hidden process stays alive).

6jul21 v9.0.33

  • Fixed exe distributions containing older version or even 'corrupt file'.
  • Fixed OK button of InputBox Builder not fitting in dialog.
  • Fixed on some occasions HandleExit appearing below end of procedure.
  • Improved placement of cursor after MsgBox Builder code insertion.

4jul21 v9.0.32

  • Fixed indentation bug when inserting procedures.
  • Disabled code preview window in builders to discourage users to try to make changes there.
  • Fixed missing ... in some menus communicating a builder will open.

28jun21 v9.0.31

  • Support for optional first argument empty in case of Enums
  • Workbooks.Add more prominent.
  • Corrected indenting on new line and between If Then.
  • Fixed incidental applications not closing.

18jun21 v9.0.29-30

  • Better (shorter) code produced by the InputBox Builder
  • Select Case builder now allows not selecting a variable in the first line
  • Fixed incidental occurring error on opening VBE
  • Improved some dialog access keys

9jun21 v9.0.27-28

  • Fixed missing built-in enums in Select Case Builder and Condition Builder
  • Fixed bug with tab size in Condition Builder on some systems
  • Fixed bug uncheck Multiline not working in If Then Builder
  • Enum Builder now has code preview pane
  • Fixed: msgbox appearing when opening PowerPoint VBE

6jun21 v9.0.19-26

  • Code preview in Builders now has colorized code
  • New: 'Condition Builder'
  • Speed up of code when starting and closing
  • InputBox Builder now follows VBA layout. Fixed picking up of Default argument.
  • 'HandleExit:' label now placed at the end of the procedure.
  • Most registry changes on install removed
  • Fixed: Learn VBA no longer initial setting.
  • More complete use of access keys in Builders.
  • Fragments in short menus now have more prominent position.
  • Menu 'Object': Extended functionality for class variable methods and properties for easier code insertion (previously 'With').

16apr21 v9.0.18

  • Fix for flicker introduced in version 9.0.17 in VBE
  • New With functionality for classes for easier coding of methods and properties
  • Additional preference for using English in builders if you disagree with our translations to other languages (native speakers: please help us with this!)
  • Additional preference Learn VBA: don't get overwhelmed with our features, use a simpler version for training purposes
  • New builders added for MsgBox, InputBox and more
  • New icons reflect looks of modern Office versions

23mar21 v9.0.17

  • Dialogs have been localized. Please let us know if there are mistakes in the translation!

26feb21 v9.0.16

  • PowerPoint VBA and Outlook VBA now supported.

26feb21 v9.0.14

  • Filtering of child classes when accessed from a parent class (gives additional context)
  • Fixed error when moving over Properties menu

25feb21 v9.0.14

  • Fixed error where Word classes such as Paragraph and Table where collection properties when used gave incomplete code

14feb21 v9.0.12

  • Expanded toolbar to have faster access to the major Application classes
  • Fixed error Range > Cells > Delete only inserting 'Delete' without class
  • Removed some menu entries that appeared twice.

8feb21 v9.0.10

  • Fixed error with test of open module.
  • Removed certain classes in Word from the top level menu because code without further context was not good quality.

8feb21 v9.0.9

  • Fixed instable mouse position in menu in case user has mouse pointer setting Snap to button.
  • Fixed WorksheetFunctions not being included in the menu.
  • Fixed some important procedures not being represented at the most visible level (e.g. Range.Hide)
  • Fixed incorrect code from Worbook>Worksheet procedures - accidentally added code for New Workbook.

28jan21 v9.0.8

  • Variable, Constant and Property Builders now show code to be inserted in advance.
  • Access VBA: Procedure Builders increased supply objectnames for arguments, e.g. DLookup Domains argument combo filled with names of tables and queries

22jan21 v9.0.7

  • Procedure Builder now shows code to be inserted in advance.
  • Fixed: builder inserts hidden character in code preventing compilation.

12jan21 v9.0.6

  • Fixed: reported error in StaticClassHandling.
  • Fixed: incidental opening of Fragments Editor when working with the menu.
  • Additional improvements in fragments in submenus.

7jan21 v9.0.5

  • Fixed: missing files from certain menus resulting in Fragment Editor opening.
  • Fragments in submenus such as User Interaction > MsgBox promoted to show one level higher.

1jan21 v9.0.4

  • Fixed: missing tooltips and help from certain menus

11dec20 v9.0.3

  • Missing Class menu added

26nov20 New major release 9.0

  • Improved menus to more easily find the required code construct
  • Procedure Call Builder for all procedures with multiple arguments
  • Property code insertion with popup for selecting from available choices (boolean, enum, ...).
  • Working 'With' objects without having to declare variables
  • GoTo and GoSub builders

20oct19 last update v8.0.38

  • Fixed bug in Form builder recently introduced by code change.


  • Fixed code insertion of VBA procedures InStr and StrComp, insertion of named parameters is not allows so theu are removed.
  • Fixed: when function is inserted as procedure argument or after =, no return variable should be declared.


  • Added Enum Builder
    • Easily create Enumerated type, and support for
    • Adding a function to translate the constant to a String
    • Adding a function to a given string as the corresponding enumerated constant
    • Code for looping over the enumeration
  • Extended Property Builder allowing to insert more properties in one go.
  • Fixed collection.Item insertion template - unwanted Set statement removed


  • Extension of Variable Builder:
    • Add variable at top of procedure without navigating there;
    • 'Initialize' extends the declaration line allowing you to specify the value;
    • Add Optional as qualifier of procedure arguments if appropriate.


  • Fixed error sometimes occurring when double-click module in Code Explorer.


  • Fixed tooltips hiding parts of menus on some Windows / machine version.
  • Fixed indentation for single line fragments (e.g. If Then).


  • Improved placement of error handling code if inserted using the menu.
  • Fixed issue with support for early and late binding.
  • Fixed placement of new procedure in module.


  • Improved placement of tooltips, prevent getting in the way of the menu.
  • Added preference to select how enum values are inserted, whether to precede with library and or enum or not.


  • Property Set completion now lets select True/False or enumerated value
  • Fixed bug making wrong module active after inserting procedure
  • Improved setting of cursor when inserting existing variable


  • Improved insertion of For Each code with collections



  • Added macro creator which optionally adds control key and button to start the macro;
  • Fixed bug in Code Explorer- Export not working.
  • New DatePicker dialog version that does not depend on old dlls and is 64 bit compatible.


  • Fixed bug Fragment Editor use of replace


  • Fixed bug in Procedure Builder due to recent change


  • Faster opening of VBE, faster menu.


  • Fixed tooltips in some cases causing an error message.


  • Fixed default user experince level being 'beginner' with reduced functionality. This problem was introduced in version mid february.


  • Set Application added inappropriately when inserting code from 'User Interaction'


  • Fixed flickering and difficulties with closing application


  • Fixed Fragment Editor bug


  • Fixed file dialog issue caused by Windows 10 1809


  • Fixed problem with reinstalling CodeVBA


  • Inserting argument inside procedure header using Insert > Variable


  • New, more stable, lightweight implementation for tooltips. This at a loss of code coloring in the tooltip.


  • Support for late binding, initialization of application and variables 'As Object'


  • Add-in for MS Word VBA


  • Subscription licensing added in addition to permanent license.


  • New version prevents possible incidents of interference with other installed add-ins


  • Fixed Procedure Builder with error handler ‘Email support’, module basErrorHandler no longer automatically added.
  • Fixed Code Explorer rename sometimes crashes


  • Fixed issue with tooltip text being inserted in the code, code break by previous change


  • Fixed issue with automatic including of related modules. For example the automatic insertion of the module with the ErrorHandle procedure insrted when you create a new procedure with the Procedure Builder with Error Handler 'email support' selected



  • New feature: Select Case from Enum Builder
  • Several bug fixes


  • Fix new module and procedure not displayed in Code Explorer in case of new project.
  • Code Explorer fix module lost when new module is introduced with the same name


  • Code Explorer fix for bug introduced on 9feb17


  • Code Explorer drag drop fix - try to move or copy a module to another project that is not visible in the Code Explorer window, And the mouse hits the top or bottom of the window, the view will not scroll.


  • Fixed hyperlink in tooltip not clickable
  • Fix for Office versions 2007 and earlier in the use of tabs for code indentation
  • Support for different VBA experience levels applied to DAO
  • New: Learn VBA license - a low-priced alternative to the Code VBA and add-on 'Pro' licenses - for VBA users with not much experience.



  • Fixed bug in Code Explorer
  • Fixed problem with Date Picker relying on MSCOMCT2.OCX not available in Office 2013+
  • More improvements in ToolTip handling
  • Better organization of VBA » Strings


  • Improved organization of Strings code fragments folder
  • Improvements in Set class Now and Nothing
  • Moved Constants menu below Variable menu to have easier access to Class and Collection menu
  • Fixed disablement of Variable declaration and insertion
  • Fixed bug in Quick menu throwing an error
  • Fixed export module in Code Explorer


  • Quick Menu now selects last used menu item - previously only the correspoding submenu. This makes use faster
  • Refined Select Case uses and removed Switch incorrect code sample


  • Fixed some Code Explorer bugs for non-english VBE users
  • Toolbar top menu entries now have their access keys adapt to the VBE user language to prevent conflicts with used keys by VBE built-in menu. Language adaptation done for German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch. If you have a VBE menu in yet another language, please contact us and we will include your language.
  • Tooltip texts shortened when interfering with submenus viewing.


  • Added easy insertion of UserForm.Show (Alt-User Interaction » Userform » Show » ...
  • Fixed bug related to German VBE built-in menu items being in the German language.
  • Fix performance issue with the Project submenu
  • Removed empty Sample menu
  • Toolbar changes
    • Icons on toolbar replaced by menus which better reflects their nature and allows keyboard access for improved speed. For example Alt-CN to open the the Name menu now can be reduced to Alt-N.
    • The menus on toolbar reflect the major groups of programming constructs.
    • Declare split in two distinct menus, Procedure and Variable gives faster access.
  • Tooltips improvements
    • Now takes into account screen scaling factor to size correctly
    • Can pick up HelpUrl and TooltipText instructions from code fragments and code procedures in the library. The HelpUrl let's you link to online documentation of the code and open using click on the Tooltip or F1.


  • Tooltips in menu on click go to corresponding Tutorial or Help page.
  • Better support for MS Project VBA Connect and Disconnect events fixes error
  • Re-introduced fast declaration of variables and properties.
  • Support for integrating HTML Help in your application - partly VBA code, also refers to Help Generator help authoring tools, also created by us.
  • Better cursor positioning when opening a new module, taking Option Explicit eo. into account.


  • Improved support for VBA Date functions
  • Fixed bug in inserted code in one of the msgbox dialog variants.
  • Excel » Range » Set » Select Range now returns External address, e.g. "[Book1]Sheet1!G5:H6" instead of only "G5:H6"


  • Moved boolean functions in Range and Worksheet (e.g. RangeNameExists) in the VBA Code library to their \Is subfolder
  • Improved behaviour for inserting procedures which have the same type used both as class or argument, and as return type.
  • Better support and improved documentation for Excel Special Cells



  • Improved menu for Set Workbook
  • Allow functions to be inserted as arguments for Subs, e.g. with Debug.Print
  • Space added between existing and new code when inserted on a non-empty line.
  • Fix: variable for return arguments for objects no longer get Set code on the variable declaration code


  • Refined support for opening a workbook, closing a workbook and Saving a workbook
  • Improved support for writing Automation code e.g. programming Excel from Access (add reference to the required Office library first).
  • Many Tooltips and Help F1 improvements:
    • Tooltips appearing on Excel classes
    • Properties and methods for the major Access and Excel classes now have F1 support to their MSDN Office help pages.


  • Fixed Insert Variable not working from the menu


  • Fixed Quick button on toolbar not working
  • Fixed Search in Chrome not working


  • Many new MS Access VBA fragments obtained from major on-line resources have been included.
  • Hyperlink in tooltip on fragment now also can be activated using F1 or mouse click.
  • Connection String Builder starts the standard MS Data Link Properties dialog:
    • ADO » Connection » Connection String Builder
    • ACE/DAO » Database » Connection » Connection String Builder
  • Fixed bug with Publisher unloading Code VBA.
  • Code VBA now also works with PowerPoint.


  • Access VBA changes
    • Name now also incudes fields of queries
    • Quick can also be used after selecting Name of child of Table or Query - Field, or Form or Report - Control


  • Access » SQL » Comma separated field string for selected table
  • DAO/ACE » Table » Field Values Set inserts block of Field setting expressions
  • DAO/ACE » Table » Field Values Get inserts block of Field getting expressions
  • Getting names of Access objects now also available under the Access » Form » Name, etcetera.
  • FindLast method added to class generated from table


  • Fixed problem with Select Range in Office 2013 and 2019
  • improved fragment Array » Sort
  • Added fragment Class » Set = Nothing
  • Added fragment Access » Control » ListBox » MultiSelect » Select All and Clear All
  • Added fragment Access Form and Report Open: Keep1Open


  • Fixed problem with stability for UserForm Builder if no fields were inserted


  • Excel VBA and Access VBA menu now automatically adapt to only show classes, properties and methods supported in the version you use. This is especially usful for users with Office versions earlier than 2010.


  • Fixed bug with menu timer
  • Improvements to the menu, such as clearer captions and additional icons
  • More use of lists of access objects for inserting code in Access VBA


  • When selecting a procedure in the Code Explorer it now appears at the top of the code pane making it easier to find.
  • During debug mode refresh of Code Explorer is stopped temporarily because it has adverse effect on debugging.
  • Solved problem in case user chooses preference not to show default values.


  • Fixed bug with menu items disabled in Access


  • Improvements for Access VBA
    • Integrated use of names when inserting statements for opening and closing forms and reports and tables and queries
    • Integrated use of names when making Recordsets in DAO
  • Property Builder now lets check if Get or Set/Let should be excluded.
  • Worked on issues with enablement of Declare


  • Improvements for Excel VBA
    • Integrated use of names when inserting Set statement for worksheets and named ranges
    • Better support for the Name object Add method
  • Fixed bug in Code Explorer which caused error.
  • Fixed bug in Quick menu
  • Remove less used buttons from toolbar: Error and Name


  • Added to Code VBA menu: Declare >
    • New Constant Builder dialog, can also be started from the Code VBA toolbar
    • Lost during recent changes, but now returned, the Type Builder.
    • Fragments for inserting Enums.
  • Improved behaviour of the Quick menu. Returns to the last menu selected option, however without directly executing it.
  • Fixed problem with stability for UserForm Builder


  • Quick Menu has been extended to choose between your latest (max 4) Code VBA actions, instead of just the latest. Now also accessible from the toolbar
  • New Comment menu added to the menu and Toolbar containing
    • Procedure Header fragment - also used in the Procedure Builder. This replaces the old 'Add procedure comments block' in the Declare group - removed there.
    • Code Change fragment: easily add a comment marking where in the code you made changes
    • Comment lines of code feature (Removed from the Tools section)
  • Declaring Procedures, Properties and Variables via the menu now uses builders
  • On the builders, double-click on the type both selects the type and does the [Insert] button action.
  • On the toolbar buttons that use applications and libraries currently not referenced are hidden, e.g. the Access button if you currently are in Excel.


  • More appropriate message when trying to insert code (e.g. If statement) from toolbar with cursor outside procedure
  • Declare and Set custom class get nice prefix instead of 'cls'
  • Bug fix on Tidy in Code Explorer
  • Improved insertion of Error Handels from the Code Explorer
  • Toolbar items removed that don't refer to active of referenced application


  • Bug fix for Quick button when previous action was on toolbar
  • Class Builder no longer prefixes created with cls


  • Code VBA toolbar extended with If, Select Case, Do While and For loop insertion code
  • Fixed bug toolbar submenus polluted by other code areas
  • Fixed bug fragments added from toolbar added to wrong location


  • An alternative is given to the Code Builder pane in terms of separate Builder dialogs for those who don't want the pane permanently available because of the spcae it takes up.
  • New Procedure Builder Dialog
  • New Property Builder Dialog
  • New Variable Builder Dialog
  • Code VBA toolbar extended with above new Builder Dialogs.
  • Code VBA toolbar extended with New Current Variable Insertion


  • New feature for Code Explorer: 'Add Error Handler' right-click on procedure
  • Code Builder improvements
    • Better placement of return statement of function
    • Better placement of cursor in created procedure - inside body
    • If in combo then Enter is no longer interpreted as Insert


  • Code VBA toolbar extended with major code access points. This is more convenient for users who prefer to use the mouse for accessing the menu - one click less.


  • menu: Error » Trapping » ... for faster switching between error trapping settings - instead of using the VBE Options dialog.
  • Code Explorer: Rename module in Access now allows underscore _ as first character.


  • Code Explorer
    • Fixed 'Delete module' not working
    • Rename method added which optionally replaces all references and calls to the module or procedure in the project
    • Implemented right-click to open context menu using Shift-F10 (same as in Windows explorer)
  • Previous user preferences now are no longer overwritten when installing new version


  • Code Explorer extended with Rename feature for modules and procedures which optionally propagates to all places in the code where the name is used.
  • Fixed problem with trial not including Excel VBA and Access VBA.


  • Code Builders extended with If/Select, For, Loop (While/Until)


  • Bug fix: Name » File / Folder Select not working
  • Bug fix: Error when using UserForm Builder


  • New Code Builders dockable window for creating sub and function procedures, properties, variables and constants faster.
  • Added ctr-shift-E shortcut to access Code Explorer using the keyboard.
  • Fix error when dragging a control from the Toolbox on a userform crossing the Code Explorer
  • Renamed Code Explorer 'Indent' to 'Tidy Indentation'



  • New tool: Procedure Builder - fastest way to create new procedure with supporting code for error handling, header hourglass and return statement. Implemented as a dockable window similar to Code Explorer.


  • Comments blocks like procedure header block can now automatically be aligned left.
  • Bug fix: insertion of functions in vb modules in library not working
  • Bug: Object reference not set to an instance of an object - in tvCodeExplorer_DragOver


  • Bug fix: 'Set Range' submenu in Excel was lost since release 8mar15, included again.


  • Bug fix: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.


  • First use of the software now first asks permission before activating trial on the server.
  • New preference: Look for new version. This allows to overrule the default behaviour of looking online for a new version


  • Code Explorer fix: error occurred when user removed an End Sub statement


  • Code Indenter tool added to Code Explorer. When applied from a module or procedure all code is correctly indented making it much more readable.
  • Fixed Class Builder bug properties nit getting inserted
  • Code VBA menu memory issues fixed:
    • When add-in disconnected all Images disposed and ExistingImages cleaned.
    • Number of GDI objects not increased each time when the menu opened.
  • Fixed issues with load and unload of the add-in:
    • When add-in loaded after unloading CodeExplorer not shown.
    • If "Load on Startup" off and add-in loaded from add-in manager then I got message "Microsoft Excel is trying to recover your information...this might take several minutes" when close Excel.


  • Code VBA menu speed increase.


  • Code Explorer, new: Add and remove Line numbers to procedure
  • Code VBA menu fix: allow access to Add line numbers when lines to number are selected


  • Fixed bug with handling code containing line numbers
  • Insert procedures into Immediate Window


  • Now also works with with PowerPoint


  • Replaced simple insertion of class by Class Builder: menu » Class » Class Builder
  • Custom Data Type Builder: : menu » Declare » Variable »Type Builder
  • Fixed bug Code Explorer » Insert on (Declarations)
  • F12 (optional arguments for last inserted procedure) now also works after Code Explorer » Insert


  • Code Explorer:
    • Move procedures to other modules using drag and drop.
    • Fix: Code Explorer no longer flickers in Windows 7 / Office 2010
  • Added User Interaction » SelectionBox component to use similar to VBA InputBox and MessageBox
  • Added code fragments for array from
  • Fix: procedure arguments also inserted when from external file


  • Fixed: insertion of Current Project procedures ignored procedure arguments
  • Code Explorer:
    • New menu option 'Insert': insertion of Current Project procedures
    • New menu option 'Go to' makes selected procedure the current - alternative to double-click
    • Fix: menu option 'Import' not always opening dialog
    • Menu tree opens semi-expanded instead of closed.


  • Added SelectionForm allows value to be selected using a standard dialog, similar to InputBox. menu: User Interaction » SelectionForm » ...
  • Code Explorer now support commenting procedures


  • New tool for MS Access: SQL VBA Builder turns SQL into a VBA string.


  • Added support for Optional when inserting precedure arguments: Declare » Variable » Optional » ...
  • UserForm Builder now allows adding fieldnames from selected cells.
  • Fix: If » Is » ... now again lists the built-in functions IsEmpty, etcetera.


  • Fix: Code Explorer bug in Excel


  • Added UserForm Builder to make custom dialogs easily including input validation. menu: User Interaction » UserForm » Builder...
  • MSForms classes methods and properties now available from menu: User Interaction » UserForm.


  • Fix: Name » Table » ... insertion fails
  • VBA » User and network » Is64Bit
  • Excel VBA fragments added:
    • Range » Is » Blankk
    • Worksheet » Is » Blank


  • Fix: Workbook menu crash due to removal of mailer class (only of use in Mac)


  • Fix: Property variable should be Private
  • Moved Range submenu in Range » Set to a more prominent position to reflect it's importance.


  • Optional Arguments can now be easily inserted using Name » Optional Arguments, or F12. Note that this only works for the procedure you just inserted, or which currently selected in the menu.
  • Refined support for the Workbook.Open ExcelFile and TextFile menus.
  • Code fragments added for Worksheet.Add different use cases.
  • Code modules can now be inserted in the \Documents\VBA Code\SharedHidden\ folder and then referenced from any fragment. This avoids procedure calls (such as API) that are needed in different code fragment calls to result in duplicated modules.


  • Now also supports VBA in MS Project, AutoCAD and Visio. Fixed support for PowerPoint.


  • Tooltips now can be activated for the current menu item using F1. If a tooltip appears which has a hyperlink in it pressing F1 again opens the related web page.
  • In preferences you can set if tooltips should appear when the mouse hovers over a menu item. Some people consider the tooltip as visually getting in the way.
  • The main methods of all classes, Add Delete, Open, and so on, are now promoted one level up in the menu, to make them more visible.


  • Declare now supports fast insertion of scope: public, private and static.
  • Add methods of collections automatically hook to the class containing the collection. Therefore there is no longer need for the intermediate step of declaring the collection - which makes for smaller an clearer code.
  • Better support for assigning ranges:
    • Additional methods added for Cells, Columns and Rows
    • Same with For Each loops
    • Select ranges and have correct syntax directly.
  • Menu for Set and For Each puts most likely parent class on top based on the route followed in the menu - no longer purely based on alphabetic order
  • Problem fixed with menu getting stuck after moving in the menu beyond the most right menu item - cursor landed outside of the coding pane.


  • Improved code insertion for quite a few methods like Activate and Delete by ignoring/excluding the meaningless return value.
  • Fragment addded: VBA » Read File » Read file line by line


  • Excel Add events for major classes now are linked to their Parent class collection, giving you more useful code in a single action. For example Worksheet.Add
  • Single Items inadvertently missing under Set in last release have returned and now require one menu click less to use.


  • Excel and Access classes now also show descriptions when you hover above them.
  • Major methods such as Add, Activate, Delete, Select now are placed above Methods group to give them a separate -higher- status and better visibility.


Important new release with many improvements for Excel:

  • Reorganisation of the top level menu for Excel VBA with fewer entries based on actual frequency of use.
  • The 'Set' menu for all Excel classes now also includes methods and properties.
  • Classes lower in the menu hiarchie now no longer have a reduced representation.
  • Software is now smaller and faster


  • Changed menu Workbook to better show methods related to its life cycle (New/Open .. Save/Close)
  • Added under Excel » Worksheet » Set: ActiveSheet.
  • Added under Excel » Slicer » Set: ActiveSlicer
  • Improved accessibility of WorksheetFunctions
  • Added under Name: Select Range. This inserts the address of the selected area in correct A1 syntax.


  • More detailed handling for creating new workbook using Workbooks.Add different usages.
  • Special handling of Workbooks collection so that no wbks variable is added makes for shorter code.
  • Added menu section User Interaction » Application.InputBox for Excel.
  • Fixed LBound and UBound inserted code where explicit arguments are not allowed.


  • Modules containing public procedures can now be included in the \My Documents\VBA Code\ subfolders and will then be made available from the code vba menu. As an example: VBA Code\Excel\Worksheet now contains modSheetProcedures.bas with functions SheetExists and IsValidSheetName.
  • Added GoTo / GoSub language
  • Fixed insertion of Names » Labels, quotes no longer added


  • Insertion in With block removes varname in front of inserted dot. method or property if same type as With.
  • Fixed bug of 'Manage Fragments' opening wrong fragments folder.
  • Added fragment 'Give Input and Validate' under menu: VBA » User Interaction » InputBox'.
  • Improved fragment 'Give Whole Number'


  • Improved algorithm to find best candidate class variable when inserting With statement.
  • Insertion now no longer prefixes common methods like ActiveWorksheet by the Application class.
  • Grouped methods and properties from Range class with common first noun e.g. Formula and Clear to improve visibility by having fewer menu entries.
  • Moved collection methods such as Add and OpenText for classes Workbook and Worksheet to the top to make them more visible.
  • Removed Add2 from Worksheets and Sheets collection.
  • Moved PivotField and PivotItem to top level of Excel menu.
  • Extra versions of InputBox with Title and Defaults arguments optionally included.


  • Intelligent insertion of names improved with support for quotes and brackets for use with explicit arguments
  • Removed special hidden character in inserted line inadvertently added which prevented compiling



  • User Interaction » Excel built-in Dialogs added
  • Icons added for MS Access


  • Fixed Name » Select File/Folder interpreting hover as click.
  • Icons added for MS Access


  • Many Office compliant icons added for easier finding if relevant procedure
  • Tooltips for VBA procedures, filled with:
    • Code that will be inserted.
    • Descriptive title.
    • Hyperlinks to MSDN help pages.
  • Fragment process fixed for If » Is » Object Is Nothing


  • Solved menu problem in Access 2000


  • Fixes on the menu:
    • Fields on Names » Tables no longer appearing
    • In some cases fragments no longer appear
  • Fragments added to Access:
    • Form: Move to the record selected in List or Combo box
    • Form: Disable PgUp and PgDown keys using Form_KeyDown event
    • Form » 'Is' group added, with NewRecord and Dirty.
    • Control » OptionGroup: Specify behavior for each value in option group
    • Control » ComboBox: Add item to combo box using OnNotinList event
    » Forms »


  • Faster recognition of menu items by adding icons


  • Minor fix on the menu
  • Extended Fragments added to VBA » Automation » Shell: the main windows (Calc, notepad,...) and Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Extended Fragments added to VBA » String » Is: 'Is RTF' and 'Is HTML' which check the start of the string.


  • Improved performance of Code VBA menu. Now also supports Office 2010 64 bit.


  • Improved organization of Form and Report properties by redistributing them over Format, Data and Other same way as in the Access property user interface.


  • Fragments added to Access » Access Objects » (determine if) Exists with Name: Query, Table, Linked Table, Form, Report.
  • Fragments added to VBA » String:
    • Get Alphabetic Chars
    • Get Numeric Chars
    • Remove Illegal Chars



  • Access Controls properties now divided over Data, Format and Other similar as in the design mode for improves finding what you need.


  • Minor change to trial activation


  • Class from Table:
    • autonumber ID is made available after creation of new record
    • empty strings are returned as Null - if needed
  • Code Explorer added as replacement for Project Explorer for fast navigation between procedures.
  • basErrorHandle now supports 64bit Office.
  • Access fragment added: Form » SubForm » Switch View Normal - Datasheet


  • Improvements to Access VBA menu:
    • Menu: Access » SQL has more query string templates.
    • CriteriaBuilder support dor different types added wherever there is need to specify a 'where' condition.
    • Increased reliability of activation, also with trial versions.
    • Screen menu removed. The code it contained was already available under Menu: Access » Forms » Set as Screen.ActiveForm. Same for ActiveControl (under .. Access » Control) and similar others.
  • Code fragments with only a single line now also can be inserted in a non-empty line.
  • Fixed bug in Add Property
  • Menu: VBA » Time and Menu: VBA » Registry added.


  • Increased speed of menu
  • Support for Public/Private in Property builder
  • Refined support for MS Access:
    • Menu: Access » Data gives refined access to the domain functions DLookup, DAvg etcetera.
    • Menu: Access » Variable ... now also can be used after scope modifiers such as 'Public'. Same for Const.