Code VBA - knowledge and productivity add-ins

Code VBA lets professional software developers and MS Office users  write VBA code faster and spend less time looking for solutions on-line:

  • The VBA code generators assist in writing complete blocks of code with correct syntax.
  • Find and insert VBA for Excel, Access and Word from the menu organized following the application object model.
  • Tooltips explain what classes and procedures do and give direct access (F1) to the relevant documentation on Office MSDN online.
  • Procedure Call Builders display the meaning of each procedure's argument. For each argument you can select from suitable enums, objects or variables. 

The slides below give you an idea of what tools are included. help Help on VBA code tools. screencast Code VBA demo screencast. download Download free trial here.

Code VBA works with Works with MS Access, Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, MS Project, Visio and AutoCad. Office 2010 - 2019 & 365, both 32 and 64 bit versions; Windows 7 and Windows 10.