Run macro from button on sheet screencast

After you created an excel macro you will need a way to make it available for use. For the approach below the ribbon's Developer tab must be available. This screencast focusses on starting the macro from a button on a sheet. Click the image to start. 10 secs to load video, 13 secs to explain, includes explanatory subtitles at the bottom.

Run macro from button on sheet video gif animation Assign Macro to button

Making a button

  1. On the Developer tab, click Insert button
  2. Select the button Form Controls button
  3. Draw a square in the worksheet for button size and position. The Assign Macros dialog box appears
  4. Select the required macro and click OK

You can now click the button to run the macro.

edit the button textTo edit the button's text, make sure it is framed (if you click on it while it is unframed, the macro associated with it will start running. To select it, if not framed, right-click on it). A right-click will display the associated menu where you can edit the text