Class PrintOptions (PowerPoint VBA)

Contains print options for a presentation.

The classes Presentation and View. give access to class PrintOptions

To use a PrintOptions class variable it first needs to be instantiated, for example

Dim pos as PrintOptions
Set pos = ActivePresentation.PrintOptions

The following procedures can be used to set variables of type PrintOptions: Presentation.PrintOptions and View.PrintOptions.


ActivePrinter returns the name of the active printer.

Collate determines whether a complete copy of the specified presentation is printed before the first page of the next copy is printed.

FitToPage determines whether the slides will be scaled to fill the page they're printed on.

FrameSlides determines whether a thin frame is placed around the border of the printed slides.

HandoutOrder returns or sets the page layout order in which slides appear on printed handouts that show multiple slides on one page.

HighQuality indicates whether to print in high quality.

NumberOfCopies returns or sets the number of copies of a presentation to be printed.

OutputType returns or sets a value that indicates which component (slides, handouts, notes pages, or an outline) of the presentation is to be printed.

PrintColorType returns or sets the way the specified document will be printed: in black and white, in pure black and white (also referred to as high contrast), or in color.

PrintComments sets or returns whether comments will be printed.

PrintFontsAsGraphics determines whether TrueType fonts are printed as graphics.

PrintHiddenSlides determines whether hidden slides in the specified presentation will be printed.

PrintInBackground determines whether the specified presentation is printed in the background.

Ranges returns the PrintRanges object, which represents the ranges of slides in the presentation to be printed.

RangeType returns or sets the type of print range for the presentation.

sectionIndex returns the index of the selected section in the PrintOptions object.

SlideShowName returns or sets the name of the custom slide show to print.

PrintRanges - A collection of all the PrintRange objects in the specified presentation. Each PrintRange object represents a range of consecutive slides or pages to be printed.