Code libraries

Code VBA is based on a combination of knowledge of the VBA syntax and data obtained from the systematic, automated analysis of the main Office type libraries. This allows us to give the most refined support for writing VBA code: our dialogs know what is available in the code context, our Intellisense knows all about the current Object and so on.

code libraries in VBA code subfolder

To augment the above, we added the \VBA Code libraries folder, located under \Documents. Here you find added custom code modules, for example common String and Date functions, but also what we call Code fragments, a code snippets collection with its own generic syntax. You can easily extend the library with your own code if you feel the need.

Object model reference

As a by-product of our type library analysis, we have generated Object model references which resemble but in some ways are more useful than what is found in the Microsoft documentation. These are the Office applications Excel, Access, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint. Furthermore, the supporting libraries DAO, ADODB and Scripting. In addition we have made some additional pages for working with Excel, Access and Outlook HTML email .

For Excel we have translated versions available for Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.