Workbook.HighlightChangesOptions (Excel)

Controls how changes are shown in a shared workbook.

HighlightChangesOptions (When, Who, Where)

With ActiveWorkbook 
 .HighlightChangesOptions When:=xlSinceMyLastSave, Who:="Everyone" 
 .ListChangesOnNewSheet = True 
End With


The following arguments are optional

When (XlHighlightChangesTime) - The changes that are shown. Can be one of the following XlHighlightChangesTime constants: xlSinceMyLastSave, xlAllChanges, or xlNotYetReviewed.

Possible Values are xlAllChanges - Show all changes, xlNotYetReviewed - Show only changes not yet reviewed, xlSinceMyLastSave - Show changes made since last save by last user.

Who (String) - The user or users whose changes are shown. Can be "Everyone," "Everyone but Me," or the name of one of the users of the shared workbook.

Where (Range) - An A1-style range reference that specifies the area to check for changes.