Month related date functions

This page shows the code for commonly used date functions and code fragments which involve a Month:

First day in month

The VBA fragment below calculates the first day in month for a given date.

Dim dtFirstDayInMonth As Date
Dim dt As Date: dt =
dtFirstDayInMonth = DateSerial(Year(dt), Month(dt), 1)

Last day in month

The VBA code below calculates the last day in month for a given date.

Dim dtLastDayInMonth As Date
Dim dt As Date: dt =
dtLastDayInMonth = DateSerial(Year(dt), Month(dt) + 1, 0)

Day in month

A whole number between 1 and 31, inclusive, representing the day of the month.

Dim iDayInMonth As Integer
Dim dt As Date: dt =
iDayInMonth = Day(dt)

Month - Number

Month returns the number of the month of a given date, e.g for date #12/21/2022# it returns 12.

Dim dt As Date: dt = #12/21/2022# 
Dim iMonth As Integer
iMonth = Month(dt)

Name of month - MonthName

Returns localized month name. On Eglish systems returns March for the 3rd month.

Dim lngMonth As Long: lngMonth = 3
Dim strMonthName As String
strMonthName = MonthName(Month:=lngMonth)

Setting the optional argument Abbreviate:=True will on Eglish systems return Feb for the 2nd month.

Dim lngMonth As Long: lngMonth = 2
Dim strMonthName As String
strMonthName = MonthName(Month:=lngMonth, Abbreviate:=True)

Below image shows the Code VBA add-in support for VBA Date procedures.

support for VBA Date procedures