Get the Name of an Object

When coding you often use the names of different objects: filenames, fields, ranges, etcetera. If you know a name you can simply type it, but selecting it instead does have its advantages:

  • Save time typing - in case of long names
  • Prevent bugs caused by typos

Insert name of file or folder

Often names are related to the current locatie of your application file:

A convenient way to get a file or folder path is by using the file (or folder) selection dialog

Click this Start demo screencast to see how to insert a file name.Name file string selection demo

Insert name of MS Access objects Table, Query, Form or Report and their Fields or Controls

The approach works for MS Access objects Table, Query, Form and Report and their Fields or Controls. These can be reached either via the Name submenu or via the Access menu, e.g.:

Control names only appear in the list if the Access Form or Report is open, so you have to do so before you can start inserting control names this way!

Name menu