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F1 tooltip and online-help

Tooltips are an important feature in Code VBA:

  • Extends the info available from the menu name.
  • The descriptive line may be hyperlinked to a web page with more information.
  • Show what code will be inserted.
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Activating the tooltip

There are two ways to make the tooltip visible:

  1. Hovering a menu item - assuming you have the setting 'Show Tooltip on Mouse Hover' checked
  2. Give the menu item you want to have info on the focus using the keyboard's access keys and arrows, followed by pressing F1
If you access the menu mainly using the mouse, the constant appearance of tooltips may get in the way. In that case you may be better of un-checking the preference 'Show Tooltip on Mouse Hover'.

Opening the hyperlink online-help-help page

If the tooltip shows it is hyperlinked to an online-help resource you can open it by pressing F1 or clicking on the hyperlink.