Code Explorer for better navigation and more

The Code Explorer (like the project explorer) is a dockable window that shows all objects in your project including their procedures, methods and properties. A double-click on a procedure moves you to it's position in the module giving you a fast way to find and move to the code you need to work on. In addition it allows you to insert selected procedure into the current position in the code, comment, select or remove procedures, drag procedures to other modules (move) or projects (copy) and more.

code explorer in action

Getting the Code Explorer window in place

When you use Code VBA the first time you have to dock the Code Explorer window. A good place to put it is on the left side of the code pane. Because Code Explorer supports all methods in the built-in Project Explorer (save as, remove,...) - and adds many others - you may as well close the Project Window.

Ctrl-Shift-E allows you to enter the Code Explorer window without using the mouse.

To open the Code Explorer dockable window:

Click this start demo open and dock Code Explorer to see how to open and dock the Code Explorer.code vba If demo

Other things you can do with the code explorer

Right-click (Ctrl-Shift-F10) the Code Explorer to get access to actions available on the selected item. Select the action using mouse or arrow or mnemonic key (first character of action name).

Code Explorer shortcut menu

Procedure item actions

Module item actions

Code Explorer shortcut menu module

Move procedures using drag and drop

In the Code Explorer you can move both procedures and modules using drag and drop.