WorksheetFunction.Syd (Excel)

Returns the sum-of-years' digits depreciation of an asset for a specified period.

SYD is calculated as follows:

Syd (Arg1, Arg2, ..., Arg4)

Dim dblArg1 As Double: dblArg1 = 
Dim dblArg2 As Double: dblArg2 = 
Dim dblArg3 As Double: dblArg3 = 
Dim dblArg4 As Double: dblArg4 = 
Dim dblSyd As Double
dblSyd = WorksheetFunction.Syd(Arg1:=dblArg1, Arg2:=dblArg2, Arg3:=dblArg3, Arg4:=dblArg4)


Arg1, Arg2, ..., Arg4

Arg1 (Double) - Cost - the initial cost of the asset.

Arg2 (Double) - Salvage - the value at the end of the depreciation (sometimes called the salvage value of the asset).

Arg3 (Double) - Life - the number of periods over which the asset is depreciated (sometimes called the useful life of the asset).

Arg4 (Double) - Per - the period and must use the same units as life.