WorksheetFunction.Lcm (Excel)

Returns the least common multiple of integers. The least common multiple is the smallest positive integer that is a multiple of all integer arguments number1, number2, and so on. Use Lcm to add fractions with different denominators.

If any argument is nonnumeric, Lcm returns the #VALUE! error value. If any argument is less than zero, Lcm returns the #NUM! error value.

Lcm (Arg1, Arg2, ..., Arg30)

Dim dblLcm As Double
dblLcm = WorksheetFunction.Lcm(Arg1:=)


Arg1, Arg2, ..., Arg30

Arg1 - Number1, number2... - 1 to 29 values for which you want the least common multiple. If value is not an integer, it is truncated