WorksheetFunction.CoupDayBs (Excel)

Returns the number of days from the beginning of the coupon period to the settlement date.

The following table contains the list of values for Arg4.

CoupDayBs (Arg1, Arg2, ..., Arg4)

Dim dblCoupDayBs As Double
dblCoupDayBs = WorksheetFunction.CoupDayBs(Arg1:=, Arg2:=, Arg3:=)


Arg1, Arg2, ..., Arg4

Arg1 - The security's settlement date. The security settlement date is the date after the issue date when the security is traded to the buyer

Arg2 - The security's maturity date. The maturity date is the date when the security expires

Arg3 - The number of coupon payments per year. For annual payments, frequency = 1; for semiannual, frequency = 2; for quarterly, frequency = 4

Arg4 - The type of day count basis to use