WorksheetFunction.CountIf (Excel)

Counts the number of cells within a range that meet the given criteria.

You can use the wildcard characters, question mark (?) and asterisk (*), for the criteria. A question mark matches any single character; an asterisk matches any sequence of characters. If you want to find an actual question mark or asterisk, type a tilde (~) before the character.

CountIf (Arg1, Arg2)

Dim dblCountIf As Double
dblCountIf = WorksheetFunction.CountIf(Arg1:=, Arg2:=)


Arg1, Arg2

Arg1 (Range) - The range of cells from which you want to count cells.

Arg2 - The criteria in the form of a number, expression, cell reference, or text that defines which cells will be counted. For example, criteria can be expressed as 32, "32", ">32", "apples", or B4