WorksheetFunction.ChiSq_Inv (Excel)

Returns the inverse of the left-tailed probability of the chi-squared distribution.

If any argument is nonnumeric, ChiSq_Inv returns the #VALUE! error value. If probability < 0 or probability > 1, ChiSq_Inv returns the #NUM! error value. If deg_freedom is not an integer, it is truncated.

ChiSq_Inv (Arg1, Arg2)

Dim dblArg1 As Double: dblArg1 = 
Dim dblArg2 As Double: dblArg2 = 
Dim dblChiSq_Inv As Double
dblChiSq_Inv = WorksheetFunction.ChiSq_Inv(Arg1:=dblArg1, Arg2:=dblArg2)


Arg1, Arg2

Arg1 (Double) - Probability - A probability associated with the chi-squared distribution.

Arg2 (Double) - Deg_freedom - The number of degrees of freedom.