ListLevel.ApplyPictureBullet (Word)

Formatiert einen Absatz oder einen Bereich von Absätzen mit einem Bildaufzählungszeichen.

ApplyPictureBullet (FileName)

FileName: Der Pfad und der Dateiname der Bilddatei.

Sub ApplyPictureBulletsToParagraphs() 
 Dim docNew As Document 
 Dim rngRange As Range 
 Dim lstTemplate As ListTemplate 
 Dim intPara As Integer 
 Dim intCount As Integer 
 'Set the initial value of object variables 
 Set docNew = Documents.Add 
 'Add paragraphs to the new document, including eight list items 
 With Selection 
 .TypeText Text:="This is an introductory paragraph." 
 End With 
 Do Until intPara = 8 
 With Selection 
 .TypeText Text:="This is a list item." 
 End With 
 intPara = intPara + 1 
 Selection.TypeText Text:="This is a concluding paragraph." 
 'Count the total number of paragraphs in the document 
 intCount = docNew.Paragraphs.Count 
 'Set the range to include all paragraphs in the 
 'document except the first and the last 
 Set rngRange = docNew.Range( _ 
 Start:=ActiveDocument.Paragraphs(2).Range.Start, _ 
 End:=ActiveDocument.Paragraphs(intCount - 1).Range.End) 
 'Format the list template as a bullet 
 Set lstTemplate = ListGalleries(Index:=wdBulletGallery) _ 
 'Format list with a picture bullet 
 lstTemplate.ListLevels(1).ApplyPictureBullet _ 
 'Apply the list format settings to the range 
 rngRange.ListFormat.ApplyListTemplate _ 
End Sub