XMLNode.NodeType procedure builder

XMLNode.NodeType (Word)

Returns a WdXMLNodeType constant that represents the type of node.

wdXMLNodeAttribute, wdXMLNodeElement.

An XMLNode object can be either an XML element or an attribute of an element. Use the NodeType property to determine which type of node you are working with, so that you do not attempt to perform invalid operations on the node. For example, the Attributes property applies only to element nodes, although it appears in the list of available properties for the XMLNode object.

Sub AddIDAttribute() 
 Dim objElement As XMLNode 
 Dim objAttribute As XMLNode 
 For Each objElement In ActiveDocument.XMLNodes 
 If objElement.NodeType = wdXMLNodeElement Then 
 If objElement.BaseName = "book" Then 
 Set objAttribute = objElement.Attributes _ 
 .Add("author", objElement.NamespaceURI) 
 objAttribute.NodeValue = "David Barber" 
 Exit For 
 End If 
 End If 
End Sub