Class View (Word VBA)

Contains the view attributes (such as show all, field shading, and table gridlines) for a window or pane.


To use a View class variable it first needs to be instantiated, for example

Dim vw as View
Set vw = ActiveWindow.View

The following procedures can be used to set variables of type View: Pane.View and Window.View


The following procedures in this class have been grouped together and are described on a separate theme page

Display/Show with its procedures DisplayBackgrounds, DisplayPageBoundaries, ShowAll, ShowAllHeadings, ShowBookmarks, ShowComments, ShowCropMarks, ShowDrawings, ShowFieldCodes, ShowFirstLineOnly, ShowFormatChanges, ShowHeading, ShowHiddenText, ShowHighlight, ShowHyphens, ShowInkAnnotations, ShowInsertionsAndDeletions, ShowMainTextLayer, ShowObjectAnchors, ShowOptionalBreaks, ShowOtherAuthors, ShowParagraphs, ShowRevisionsAndComments, ShowSpaces, ShowTabs and ShowTextBoundaries


ColumnWidth returns or gets a constant that determines the column width in reading mode. Read/write WdColumnWidth

ActiveWindow.View.ColumnWidth = wdColumnWidthDefault

ConflictMode true if the document is in conflict mode view.

ActiveWindow.View.ConflictMode = True

Draft true if all the text in a window is displayed in the same sans-serif font with minimal formatting to speed up display.

ActiveWindow.View.Draft = True

FieldShading returns or sets on-screen shading for fields.

ActiveWindow.View.FieldShading = wdFieldShadingAlways

FullScreen true if the window is in full-screen view.

ActiveWindow.View.FullScreen = True

Magnifier true if the pointer is displayed as a magnifying glass in print preview, indicating that the user can click to zoom in on a particular area of the page or zoom out to see an entire page or spread of pages.

ActiveWindow.View.Magnifier = True

MailMergeDataView true if mail merge data is displayed instead of mail merge fields in the specified window.

ActiveWindow.View.MailMergeDataView = True

MarkupMode returns or sets a WdRevisionsMode constant that represents the display mode for tracked changes.

ActiveWindow.View.MarkupMode = wdBalloonRevisions

PageColor returns and sets the page color in Reading mode.

ActiveWindow.View.PageColor = wdPageColorInverse

PageMovementType returns or sets the page movement type.

ActiveWindow.View.PageMovementType = wdSideToSide

Panning returns or sets a Boolean that represents whether Microsoft Word is in Panning mode.

ActiveWindow.View.Panning = True

Parent returns an object that represents the parent object of the specified View object.

Dim objParent As Object
Set objParent = ActiveWindow.View.Parent

ReadingLayout sets or returns a Boolean that represents whether a document is being viewed in reading layout view.

ActiveWindow.View.ReadingLayout = True

ReadingLayoutActualView sets or returns a Boolean that represents whether pages displayed in reading layout view are displayed using the same layout as printed pages.

ActiveWindow.View.ReadingLayoutActualView = True

ReadingLayoutTruncateMargins returns or sets a WdReadingLayoutMargin constant that represents whether margins are visible or hidden when a document is viewed in Full Screen Reading view.

ActiveWindow.View.ReadingLayoutTruncateMargins = wdAutomaticMargin

RevisionsBalloonShowConnectingLines true for Microsoft Word to display connecting lines from the text to the revision and comment balloons.

ActiveWindow.View.RevisionsBalloonShowConnectingLines = True

RevisionsBalloonSide sets or returns a WdRevisionsBalloonMargin constant that specifies whether Word displays revision balloons in the left or right margin in a document.

ActiveWindow.View.RevisionsBalloonSide = wdLeftMargin

RevisionsBalloonWidth sets or returns a Single representing the global setting in Microsoft Word that specifies the width of the revision balloons.

ActiveWindow.View.RevisionsBalloonWidth =

RevisionsBalloonWidthType sets or returns a WdRevisionsBalloonWidthType constant representing the global setting that specifies how Microsoft Word measures the width of revision balloons.

ActiveWindow.View.RevisionsBalloonWidthType = wdBalloonWidthPercent

RevisionsFilter returns an instance of a RevisionsFilter object.

Dim rfrRevisionsFilter As RevisionsFilter
Set rfrRevisionsFilter = ActiveWindow.View.RevisionsFilter

SeekView returns or sets the document element displayed in print layout view.

ActiveWindow.View.SeekView = wdSeekCurrentPageFooter

ShadeEditableRanges returns or sets a Long that represents whether shading is applied to the ranges in a document for which users have permission to modify.

ActiveWindow.View.ShadeEditableRanges =

ShowFormat true if character formatting is visible in outline view.

ActiveWindow.View.ShowFormat = True

ShowPicturePlaceHolders true if blank boxes are displayed as placeholders for pictures.

ActiveWindow.View.ShowPicturePlaceHolders = True

ShowXMLMarkup returns a Long that represents whether XML tags are visible in a document.

ActiveWindow.View.ShowXMLMarkup =

SplitSpecial returns or sets the active window pane.

ActiveWindow.View.SplitSpecial = wdPaneComments

TableGridlines true if table gridlines are displayed.

ActiveWindow.View.TableGridlines = True

Type returns or sets the view type.

ActiveWindow.View.Type = wdConflictView

WrapToWindow true if lines wrap at the right edge of the document window rather than at the right margin or the right column boundary.

ActiveWindow.View.WrapToWindow = True

Zoom returns a Zoom object that represents the magnification for the specified view.

Dim zooZoom As Zoom
Set zooZoom = ActiveWindow.View.Zoom