System.Cursor procedure builder

System.Cursor (Word)

Returns or sets the state (shape) of the pointer. Can be one of the following WdCursorType constants: wdCursorIBeam, wdCursorNormal, wdCursorNorthwestArrow, or wdCursorWait.

wdCursorIBeam - I-beam cursor shape, wdCursorNormal - Normal cursor shape. Default; cursor takes shape designated by Windows or the application, wdCursorNorthwestArrow - Diagonal cursor shape starting at upper-left corner, wdCursorWait - Hourglass cursor shape.
Dim intWait As Integer 
StatusBar = "Please wait..." 
For intWait = 1 To 1000 
 System.Cursor = wdCursorWait 
Next intWait 
StatusBar = "Task completed" 
System.Cursor = wdCursorNormal