Range.PasteExcelTable procedure builder

Range.PasteExcelTable (Word)

Pastes and formats a Microsoft Excel table.

PasteExcelTable (LinkedToExcel, WordFormatting, RTF)

Sub PasteExcelFormatted() 
 Selection.PasteExcelTable _ 
 LinkedToExcel:=True, _ 
 WordFormatting:=False, _ 
End Sub


The following arguments are required:

LinkedToExcel (Boolean) - True links the pasted table to the original Excel file so that changes made to the Excel file are reflected in Microsoft Word.

WordFormatting (Boolean) - True formats the table using the formatting in the Word document. False formats the table according to the original Excel file.

RTF (Boolean) - True pastes the Excel table using Rich Text Format (RTF). False pastes the Excel table as HTML.