Range.Collapse procedure builder

Range.Collapse (Word)

Collapses a range or selection to the starting or ending position. After a range or selection is collapsed, the starting and ending points are equal.

If you use wdCollapseEnd to collapse a range that refers to an entire paragraph, the range is located after the ending paragraph mark (the beginning of the next paragraph). However, you can move the range back one character by using the MoveEnd method after the range is collapsed, as shown in the following example.

Collapse (Direction)

Direction: The direction in which to collapse the range or selection. Can be either of the following WdCollapseDirection constants: wdCollapseEnd or wdCollapseStart. The default value is wdCollapseStart.

Set myRange = ActiveDocument.Paragraphs(1).Range 
myRange.Collapse Direction:=wdCollapseEnd 
myRange.MoveEnd Unit:=wdCharacter, Count:=-1