PageNumbers.Add procedure builder

PageNumbers.Add (Word)

Returns a PageNumber object that represents page numbers added to a header or footer in a section.

If the LinkToPrevious property for the HeaderFooter object is set to True, the page numbers will continue sequentially from one section to next throughout the document.

Add (PageNumberAlignment, FirstPage)

With ActiveDocument.Sections(1) 
 .Footers(wdHeaderFooterPrimary).PageNumbers.Add _ 
 PageNumberAlignment:=wdAlignPageNumberLeft, _ 
End With


Optional arguments

The following arguments are optional

PageNumberAlignment - Can be any WdPageNumberAlignment constant

FirstPage - False to make the first-page header and the first-page footer different from the headers and footers on all subsequent pages in the document. If FirstPage is set to False, a page number isn't added to the first page. If this argument is omitted, the setting is controlled by the DifferentFirstPageHeaderFooter property