Options.PictureWrapType procedure builder

Options.PictureWrapType (Word)

Sets or returns a WdWrapTypeMerged that indicates how Microsoft Word wraps text around pictures.

wdWrapMergeBehind - Behind text, wdWrapMergeFront - In front of text, wdWrapMergeInline - In line with text, wdWrapMergeSquare - Square, wdWrapMergeThrough - Through, wdWrapMergeTight - Tight, wdWrapMergeTopBottom - Top and bottom.

This is a default option setting and affects all pictures inserted unless picture wrapping is individually defined for a picture.

Sub PicWrap() 
 With Application.Options 
 If .PictureWrapType <> wdWrapMergeInline Then 
 .PictureWrapType = wdWrapMergeInline 
 End If 
 End With 
End Sub