Options.MoveToTextMark procedure builder

Options.MoveToTextMark (Word)

Returns or sets a WdMoveToTextMark constant that represents the type of revision mark to use for moved text.

wdMoveToTextMarkBold - Marks moved text with bold formatting, wdMoveToTextMarkColorOnly - Marks moved text with color only. Use the MoveToTextColor property to set the color of moved text, wdMoveToTextMarkDoubleStrikeThrough - Moved text is marked with a double strikethrough, wdMoveToTextMarkDoubleUnderline - Moved text is marked with a double underline, wdMoveToTextMarkItalic - Marks moved text with italic formatting, wdMoveToTextMarkNone - No special formatting for moved text, wdMoveToTextMarkStrikeThrough - Moved text is marked with a strikethrough, wdMoveToTextMarkUnderline - Underlines moved text.
Options.MoveToTextMark = wdMoveToTextMarkBold