ListFormat.ListType procedure builder

ListFormat.ListType (Word)

Returns the type of lists that are contained in the range for the specified ListFormat object.

wdListBullet - Bulleted list, wdListListNumOnly - ListNum fields that can be used in the body of a paragraph, wdListMixedNumbering - Mixed numeric list, wdListNoNumbering - List with no bullets, numbering, or outlining, wdListOutlineNumbering - Outlined list, wdListPictureBullet - Picture bulleted list, wdListSimpleNumbering - Simple numeric list.

The constant wdListListNumOnly refers to LISTNUM fields, which are fields that can be added within the text of a paragraph.

Set myList = ActiveDocument.Lists(1) 
If myList.Range.ListFormat.ListType = wdListSimpleNumbering Then 
 myList.ApplyListTemplate _ 
 ListTemplate:=ListGalleries(wdNumberGallery) _ 
End If