InlineShapes.AddWebVideo procedure builder

InlineShapes.AddWebVideo (Word)

Adds a new web video to the document.

AddWebVideo (EmbedCode, VideoWidth, VideoHeight, PosterFrameImage, Url, Range)

Dim strEmbedCode As String: strEmbedCode = 
Dim iVideoWidth As Integer: iVideoWidth = 
Dim iVideoHeight As Integer: iVideoHeight =  
Dim iseAddWebVideo As InlineShape
Set iseAddWebVideo = ActiveDocument.Range.InlineShapes.AddWebVideo(EmbedCode:=strEmbedCode, VideoWidth:=iVideoWidth, VideoHeight:=iVideoHeight)


The following arguments are required:

EmbedCode (String) - The embed code for the video.

VideoWidth - An integer that represents the width of the web video in pixels

VideoHeight - An integer that represents the height of the web video in pixels

Optional arguments

The following arguments are optional

PosterFrameImage - A string that points to the file to use as the poster frame for the web video

Url - The URL to the video

Range - The range at which to insert the web video. If Range is omitted, the current selection is used