InlineShapes.AddSmartArt procedure builder

InlineShapes.AddSmartArt (Word)

Inserts a SmartArt graphic as an inline shape into the active document.

AddSmartArt (Layout, Range)

Dim iseAddSmartArt As InlineShape
Set iseAddSmartArt = ActiveDocument.Range.InlineShapes.AddSmartArt(Layout:=)


The following argument is required

Layout (Office.SmartArtLayout) - A SmartArtLayoutobject that specifies the layout for the SmartArt graphic.

Optional arguments

The following argument is optional

Range - Specifies the text to which the SmartArt graphic is bound. If Range is specified, the SmartArt graphic is positioned at the beginning of the first paragraph in the range. If this argument is omitted, the range is selected automatically, and the SmartArt graphic is positioned relative to the top and left edges of the page