InlineShapes.AddChart2 procedure builder

InlineShapes.AddChart2 (Word)

Adds a chart to the document. Returns an InlineShape object that represents the chart and adds it to the specified collection.

AddChart2 (Style, Type, Range, NewLayout)

Dim iseAddChart2 As InlineShape
Set iseAddChart2 = ActiveDocument.Range.InlineShapes.AddChart2()


Optional arguments

The following arguments are optional

Style (Long) - The chart style. Use "-1" to get the default style for the chart type specified in Type.

Type - Office.XlChartType

Range - The range where the chart will be placed in the text. The chart replaces the range, unless the range is collapsed. If this argument is omitted, the chart is placed automatically

NewLayout - If NewLayout is true, the chart is inserted by using the new dynamic formatting rules (Title is on, and Legend is on only if there are multiple series)