Hyperlink.CreateNewDocument procedure builder

Hyperlink.CreateNewDocument (Word)

Creates a new document linked to the specified hyperlink.

CreateNewDocument (FileName, EditNow, Overwrite)

With Documents(1) 
 Set objHyper = _ 
 .Hyperlinks.Add(Anchor:=Selection.Range, _ 
 objHyper.CreateNewDocument _ 
 FileName:="\\Server1\Annual\Overview.doc", _ 
 EditNow:=True, Overwrite:=True 
End With


The following arguments are required:

FileName (String) - The file name of the specified document.

EditNow (Boolean) - True to have the specified document open immediately in its associated editing environment. The default value is True.

Overwrite (Boolean) - True to overwrite any existing file of the same name in the same folder. False if any existing file of the same name is preserved and the FileName argument specifies a new file name. The default value is False.