Document.Merge procedure builder

Document.Merge (Word)

Merges the changes marked with revision marks from one document to another.

Merge (FileName, MergeTarget, DetectFormatChanges, UseFormattingFrom, AddToRecentFiles)

If InStr(1, ActiveDocument.Name, "sales2.doc", 1) Then _ 
 ActiveDocument.Merge Name:="C:\Docs\Sales1.doc"


The following argument is required

FileName - String

Optional arguments

The following arguments are optional

MergeTarget - Specifies where to place the final merged content

DetectFormatChanges - Specifies whether or not to mark formatting differences

UseFormattingFrom - Specifies which document to use for formatting in the merged document

AddToRecentFiles - Specifies whether to add the document in the Name parameter to the list of recent files