Document.GetCrossReferenceItems procedure builder

Document.GetCrossReferenceItems (Word)

Returns an array of items that can be cross-referenced based on the specified cross-reference type.

The array that this method returns corresponds to the items listed in the For which box in the Cross-reference dialog box. The value returned by this method can be used as the value of the ReferenceWhich argument for the InsertCrossReference method of the Range or Selection object.

GetCrossReferenceItems (ReferenceType)

ReferenceType: The type of item you want to insert a cross-reference to. Can be any WdReferenceType constant.

If ActiveDocument.Bookmarks.Count >= 1 Then 
 myBookmarks = ActiveDocument.GetCrossReferenceItems( _ 
 MsgBox myBookmarks(1) 
End If