Chart.Axes procedure builder

Chart.Axes (Word)

Returns a collection of axes on the chart.

Axes (Type, AxisGroup)

With ActiveDocument.InlineShapes(1) 
    If .HasChart Then 
        With .Chart.Axes(xlCategory) 
            .HasTitle = True 
            .AxisTitle.Text = "July Sales" 
        End With 
    End If 
End With


Optional arguments

The following arguments are optional

Type - The axis to return. Can be one of the following XlAxisType constants: xlValue, xlCategory, or xlSeriesAxis (xlSeriesAxis is valid only for 3D charts)

AxisGroup (XlAxisGroup) - One of the enumeration values that specifies the axis group. The default is xlPrimary.

Possible Values are xlPrimary - The primary axis group, xlSecondary - The secondary axis group.