CanvasShapes.AddPolyline (Word)

Adds an open or closed polygon to a drawing canvas. Returns a Shape object that represents the polygon.

To form a closed polygon, assign the same coordinates to the first and last vertices in the polyline drawing.

AddPolyline (SafeArrayOfPoints)

SafeArrayOfPoints: An array of coordinate pairs that specifies the polyline drawing's vertices.

Sub NewCanvasPolyline() 
 Dim docNew As Document 
 Dim shpCanvas As Shape 
 Dim sngArray(1 To 3, 1 To 2) As Single 
 'Creates a new document and adds a drawing canvas 
 Set docNew = Documents.Add 
 Set shpCanvas = docNew.Shapes.AddCanvas( _ 
 Left:=100, Top:=75, Width:=200, Height:=300) 
 'Sets the coordinates of the array 
 sngArray(1, 1) = 100 
 sngArray(1, 2) = 75 
 sngArray(2, 1) = 150 
 sngArray(2, 2) = 100 
 sngArray(3, 1) = 100 
 sngArray(3, 2) = 125 
 'Adds a V-shaped open polyline to the drawing canvas 
 shpCanvas.CanvasItems.AddPolyline SafeArrayOfPoints:=sngArray 
End Sub