Timing.TriggerType (PowerPoint)

Represents the trigger that starts an animation.

Possible Values are msoAnimTriggerAfterPrevious - After the Previous button is clicked, msoAnimTriggerMixed - Mixed actions, msoAnimTriggerNone - No action associated as the trigger, msoAnimTriggerOnMediaBookmark, msoAnimTriggerOnPageClick - When a page is clicked, msoAnimTriggerOnShapeClick - When a shape is clicked, msoAnimTriggerWithPrevious - When the Previous button is clicked.

The value of the TriggerType property can be one of these MsoAnimTriggerType constants. The default is msoAnimTriggerOnPageClick.

ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange(1).TimeLine.MainSequence(1).Timing.TriggerType = msoAnimTriggerAfterPrevious