Class TimeLine (PowerPoint VBA)

Stores animation information for a Master, Slide, or SlideRange object.

To use a TimeLine class variable it first needs to be instantiated, for example

Dim tle as TimeLine
Set tle = ActivePresentation.SlideMaster.TimeLine

The following procedures can be used to set variables of type TimeLine: CustomLayout.TimeLine, Master.TimeLine, Slide.TimeLine and SlideRange.TimeLine.


Returns a Sequences object that represents animations that are triggered by click a specified shape.

The default value of the InteractiveSequences property is an empty Sequences collection.

Dim sqnsInteractiveSequences As Sequences
Set sqnsInteractiveSequences = ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange(1).TimeLine.InteractiveSequences


Returns a Sequence object that represents the collection of Effect objects in the main animation sequence of a slide.

The default value of the MainSequence property is an empty Sequence collection. Any attempt to return a value from this property without adding one or more Effect objects to the main animation sequence will result in a run-time error.

Dim sqnMainSequence As Sequence
Set sqnMainSequence = ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange(1).TimeLine.MainSequence