Class SlideShowTransition (PowerPoint VBA)

Contains information about how the specified slide advances during a slide show.


To use a SlideShowTransition class variable it first needs to be instantiated, for example

Dim sst as SlideShowTransition
Set sst = ActivePresentation.SlideMaster.SlideShowTransition

The following procedures can be used to set variables of type SlideShowTransition: CustomLayout.SlideShowTransition, Master.SlideShowTransition, Slide.SlideShowTransition and SlideRange.SlideShowTransition


Determines whether the specified slide advances when it is clicked during a slide show.

To set the slide to advance automatically after a certain amount of time elapses, set the AdvanceOnTime property to True and set the AdvanceTime property to the amount of time you want the slide to be shown. If you set both the AdvanceOnClick and the AdvanceOnTime properties to True, the slide advances either when it is clicked or when the specified amount of time has elapsed—whichever comes first. The value of the AdvanceOnClick property can be one of these MsoTriState constants.

ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange(1).SlideShowTransition.AdvanceOnClick = msoTrue


Determines whether the specified slide advances automatically after a specified amount of time has elapsed.

Use the AdvanceTime property to specify the number of seconds after which the slide automatically advances. Set the AdvanceMode property of the SlideShowSettings object to ppSlideShowUseSlideTimings to put the slide interval settings into effect for the entire slide show. The value of the AdvanceOnTime property can be one of these MsoTriState constants.

ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange(1).SlideShowTransition.AdvanceOnTime = msoTrue


Returns or sets the amount of time, in seconds, after which the specified slide transition will occur.

To put the slide interval settings into effect for the entire slide show, set the AdvanceMode property of the SlideShowSettings object to ppSlideShowUseSlideTimings.

ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange(1).SlideShowTransition.AdvanceTime = 5


Returns or sets the length of an animation in seconds.

ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange(1).SlideShowTransition.Duration = 5


Returns or sets the special effect applied to the specified slide transition.

Possible Values are ppEffectAirplaneLeft, ppEffectAirplaneRight, ppEffectAppear - Appear, ppEffectBlindsHorizontal - Blinds Horizontal, ppEffectBlindsVertical - Blinds Vertical, ppEffectBoxDown - Box Down, ppEffectBoxIn - Box In, ppEffectBoxLeft - Box Left, ppEffectBoxOut - Box Out, ppEffectBoxRight - Box Right, ppEffectBoxUp - Box Up, ppEffectCheckerboardAcross - Checkerboard Across, ppEffectCheckerboardDown - Checkerboard Down, ppEffectCircleOut - Circle Out, ppEffectCombHorizontal - Comb Horizontal, ppEffectCombVertical - Comb Vertical, ppEffectConveyorLeft - Conveyor Left, ppEffectConveyorRight - Conveyor Right, ppEffectCoverDown - Cover Down, ppEffectCoverLeft - Cover Left, ppEffectCoverLeftDown - Cover Left Down, ppEffectCoverLeftUp - Cover Left Up, ppEffectCoverRight, ppEffectCoverRightDown - Cover Right Down, ppEffectCoverRightUp - Cover Right Up, ppEffectCoverUp - Cover Up, ppEffectCrawlFromDown - Crawl From Down, ppEffectCrawlFromLeft - Crawl From Left, ppEffectCrawlFromRight - Crawl From Right, ppEffectCrawlFromUp - Crawl From Up, ppEffectCrush, ppEffectCubeDown - Effect Cube Down, ppEffectCubeLeft - Effect Cube Left, ppEffectCubeRight - Effect Cube Right, ppEffectCubeUp - Effect Cube Up, ppEffectCurtains, ppEffectCut - Cut, ppEffectCutThroughBlack - Cut Through Black, ppEffectDiamondOut - Diamond Out, ppEffectDissolve - Dissolve, ppEffectDoorsHorizontal - Doors Horizontal, ppEffectDoorsVertical - Doors Vertical, ppEffectDrapeLeft, ppEffectDrapeRight, ppEffectFade - Fade, ppEffectFadeSmoothly - Fade Smoothly, ppEffectFallOverLeft, ppEffectFallOverRight, ppEffectFerrisWheelLeft - Ferris Wheel Left, ppEffectFerrisWheelRight - Ferris Wheel Rightt, ppEffectFlashbulb - Flashbulb, ppEffectFlashOnceFast - Flash Once Fast, ppEffectFlashOnceMedium - Flash Once Medium, ppEffectFlashOnceSlow - Flash Once Slow, ppEffectFlipDown - Flip Down, ppEffectFlipLeft - Flip Left, ppEffectFlipRight - Flip Right, ppEffectFlipUp - Flip Up, ppEffectFlyFromBottom - Fly From Bottom, ppEffectFlyFromBottomLeft - From Bottom Left, ppEffectFlyFromBottomRight - From Bottom Right, ppEffectFlyFromLeft - Fly From Left, ppEffectFlyFromRight - Fly From Right, ppEffectFlyFromTop - Fly From Top, ppEffectFlyFromTopLeft - Fly From Top Left, ppEffectFlyFromTopRight - Fly From Top Right, ppEffectFlyThroughIn - Fly Through In, ppEffectFlyThroughInBounce - Fly Through In Bounce, ppEffectFlyThroughOut - Fly Through Out, ppEffectFlyThroughOutBounce - Fly Through Out Bounce, ppEffectFracture, ppEffectGalleryLeft - Gallery Left, ppEffectGalleryRight - Gallery Right, ppEffectGlitterDiamondDown - Glitter Diamond Down, ppEffectGlitterDiamondLeft - Glitter Diamond Left, ppEffectGlitterDiamondRight - Glitter Diamond Right, ppEffectGlitterDiamondUp - Glitter Diamond Up, ppEffectGlitterHexagonDown - Glitter Hexagon Down, ppEffectGlitterHexagonLeft - Glitter Hexagon Left, ppEffectGlitterHexagonRight - Glitter Hexagon Right, ppEffectGlitterHexagonUp - Glitter Hexagon Up, ppEffectHoneycomb - Honeycomb, ppEffectMixed - Mixed, ppEffectMorphByChar, ppEffectMorphByObject, ppEffectMorphByWord, ppEffectNewsflash - Newsflash, ppEffectNone - None, ppEffectOrbitDown - Orbit Down, ppEffectOrbitLeft - Orbit Left, ppEffectOrbitRight - Orbit Right, ppEffectOrbitUp - Orbit Up, ppEffectOrigamiLeft, ppEffectOrigamiRight, ppEffectPageCurlDoubleLeft, ppEffectPageCurlDoubleRight, ppEffectPageCurlSingleLeft, ppEffectPageCurlSingleRight, ppEffectPanDown - Pan Down, ppEffectPanLeft - Pan Left, ppEffectPanRight - Pan Right, ppEffectPanUp - Pan Up, ppEffectPeekFromDown - Peek From Down, ppEffectPeekFromLeft - Peek From Left, ppEffectPeekFromRight - Peek From Right, ppEffectPeekFromUp - Peek From Up, ppEffectPeelOffLeft, ppEffectPeelOffRight, ppEffectPlusOut - Plus Out, ppEffectPrestige, ppEffectPushDown - Push Down, ppEffectPushLeft - Push Left, ppEffectPushRight - Push Right, ppEffectPushUp - Push Up, ppEffectRandom - Random, ppEffectRandomBarsHorizontal - Random Bars Horizontal, ppEffectRandomBarsVertical - Random Bars Vertical, ppEffectRevealBlackLeft - Reveal Black Left, ppEffectRevealBlackRight - Reveal Black Right, ppEffectRevealSmoothLeft - Reveal Smooth Left, ppEffectRevealSmoothRight - Reveal Smooth Right, ppEffectRippleCenter - Ripple Center, ppEffectRippleLeftDown - Ripple Left Down, ppEffectRippleLeftUp - Ripple Left Up, ppEffectRippleRightDown - Ripple Right Down, ppEffectRippleRightUp - Ripple Right Up, ppEffectRotateDown - Rotate Down, ppEffectRotateLeft - Rotate Left, ppEffectRotateRight - Rotate Right, ppEffectRotateUp - Rotate Up, ppEffectShredRectangleIn - Shred Rectangle In, ppEffectShredRectangleOut - Shred Rectangle Out, ppEffectShredStripsIn - Shred Strips In, ppEffectShredStripsOut - Shred Strips Out, ppEffectSpiral - Spiral, ppEffectSplitHorizontalIn - Split Horizontal In, ppEffectSplitHorizontalOut - Split Horizontal Out, ppEffectSplitVerticalIn - Split Vertical In, ppEffectSplitVerticalOut - Split Vertical Out, ppEffectStretchAcross - Stretch Across, ppEffectStretchDown - Stretch Down, ppEffectStretchLeft - Stretch Left, ppEffectStretchRight - Stretch Right, ppEffectStretchUp - Stretch Up, ppEffectStripsDownLeft - Strips Down Left, ppEffectStripsDownRight - Strips Down Right, ppEffectStripsLeftDown - Strips Left Down, ppEffectStripsLeftUp - Strips Left Up, ppEffectStripsRightDown - Strips Right Down, ppEffectStripsRightUp - Strips Right Up, ppEffectStripsUpLeft - Strips Up Left, ppEffectStripsUpRight - Strips Up Right, ppEffectSwitchDown - Switch Down, ppEffectSwitchLeft - Switch Left, ppEffectSwitchRight - Switch Right, ppEffectSwitchUp - Switch Up, ppEffectSwivel - Swivel, ppEffectUncoverDown - Uncover Down, ppEffectUncoverLeft - Uncover Left, ppEffectUncoverLeftDown - Uncover Left Down, ppEffectUncoverLeftUp - Uncover Left Up, ppEffectUncoverRight - Effect Uncover Right, ppEffectUncoverRightDown - Uncover Right Down, ppEffectUncoverRightUp - Uncover Right Up, ppEffectUncoverUp - Uncover Up, ppEffectVortexDown - VortexDown, ppEffectVortexLeft - Vortex Left, ppEffectVortexRight - Vortex Right, ppEffectVortexUp - Vortex Up, ppEffectWarpIn - Warp In, ppEffectWarpOut - Warp Out, ppEffectWedge - Wedge, ppEffectWheel1Spoke - Wheel1 Spoke, ppEffectWheel2Spokes - Wheel2 Spokes, ppEffectWheel3Spokes - Wheel3 Spokes, ppEffectWheel4Spokes - Wheel4 Spokes, ppEffectWheel8Spokes - Wheel8 Spokes, ppEffectWheelReverse1Spoke - Wheel Reverse 1 Spoke, ppEffectWindLeft, ppEffectWindowHorizontal - Window Horizontal, ppEffectWindowVertical - Window Vertical, ppEffectWindRight, ppEffectWipeDown - Wipe Down, ppEffectWipeLeft - Wipe Left, ppEffectWipeRight - Wipe Right, ppEffectWipeUp - Wipe Up, ppEffectZoomBottom - Zoom Bottom, ppEffectZoomCenter - Zoom Center, ppEffectZoomIn - Zoom In, ppEffectZoomInSlightly - Zoom In Slightly, ppEffectZoomOut - Zoom Out, ppEffectZoomOutSlightly - Zoom Out Slightly.

If the TextLevelEffect property for the specified shape is set to ppAnimateLevelNone (the default value) or the Animate property is set to False, you won't see the special effect you've applied with the EntryEffect property.

ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange(1).SlideShowTransition.EntryEffect = ppEffectAirplaneLeft


Determines whether the specified slide is hidden during a slide show.

The value of the Hidden property can be one of these MsoTriState constants.

ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange(1).SlideShowTransition.Hidden = msoTrue


Specifies whether the sound that's been set for the specified slide transition loops until the next sound starts.

The value of the LoopSoundUntilNext property can be one of these MsoTriState constants.

ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange(1).SlideShowTransition.LoopSoundUntilNext = msoTrue


Returns the parent object for the specified object.


Returns a SoundEffect object that represents the sound to be played during the transition to the specified slide.

Dim setSoundEffect As SoundEffect
Set setSoundEffect = ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange(1).SlideShowTransition.SoundEffect


Represents the speed of the transition to the specified slide.

Possible Values are ppTransitionSpeedFast - Fast, ppTransitionSpeedMedium - Medium, ppTransitionSpeedMixed - Mixed, ppTransitionSpeedSlow - Slow.

The value of the Speed property can be one of these PpTransitionSpeed constants.

ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange(1).SlideShowTransition.Speed = ppTransitionSpeedFast