Class SlideShowSettings (PowerPoint VBA)

The class SlideShowSettings represents the slide show setup for a presentation.

Class Presentation gives access to class SlideShowSettings.

To use a SlideShowSettings class variable it first needs to be instantiated, for example

Dim ssss as SlideShowSettings
Set ssss = ActivePresentation.SlideShowSettings

SlideShowSettings class variables can be set using the Presentation.SlideShowSettings procedure.


Run - Runs a slide show of the specified presentation. Returns a SlideShowWindow object.


AdvanceMode returns or sets a value that indicates how the slide show advances.

EndingSlide returns or sets the last slide to be displayed in the specified slide show.

LoopUntilStopped determines whether specified slide show loops continuously until the user presses ESC.

NamedSlideShows returns a NamedSlideShows collection that represents all the named slide shows (custom slide shows) in the specified presentation.

PointerColor returns the pointer color for the specified presentation as a ColorFormat object.

RangeType returns or sets the type of slide show to run.

ShowMediaControls allows access to the media controls in the SlideShowSettings object.

ShowPresenterView returns the presenter view of the SlideShowSettings object.

ShowScrollbar determines whether to display the scroll bar during a slide show in browse mode.

ShowType returns or sets the show type for the specified slide show.

ShowWithAnimation determines whether the specified slide show displays shapes with assigned animation settings.

ShowWithNarration determines whether the specified slide show is shown with narration.

SlideShowName returns or sets the name of the custom slide show to run in response to a mouse action on the shape during a slide show.

StartingSlide returns or sets the first slide to be displayed in the specified slide show.

ColorFormat - Represents the color of a one-color object, the foreground or background color of an object with a gradient or patterned fill, or the pointer color. You can set colors to an explicit red-green-blue value (by using the RGB property) or to a color in the color scheme (by using the SchemeColor property).

NamedSlideShows - A collection of all the NamedSlideShow objects in the presentation. Each NamedSlideShow object represents a custom slide show.

SlideShowWindow - Represents a window in which a slide show runs.