Class Slide (PowerPoint VBA)

The class Slide represents a slide. The Slides collection contains all the Slide objects in a presentation.

The classes SlideShowView and View. give access to class Slide

To use a Slide class variable it first needs to be instantiated, for example

Dim sld as Slide
Set sld = ActivePresentation.Slides.Range(Index:=1)

The following procedures can be used to set variables of type Slide: SlideRange.Item, Slides.AddSlide, Slides.FindBySlideID, Slides.Item, SlideShowView.LastSlideViewed, SlideShowView.Slide and View.Slide.


ApplyTemplate - Applies a design template to the specified slide.

ApplyTemplate2 - Applies a design template and theme variant to the slide.

ApplyTheme - Applies a theme or design template to the specified slide.

ApplyThemeColorScheme - Applies a color scheme to the specified slide.

Copy - Copies the specified object to the Clipboard.

Cut - Deletes the specified object and places it on the Clipboard.

Delete - Deletes the specified Slide object.

Duplicate - Creates a duplicate of the specified Slide object, adds the new slide to the Slides collection immediately after the slide specified originally, and then returns a Slide object that represents the duplicate slide.

Export - Exports a slide, using the specified graphics filter, and saves the exported file under the specified file name.

MoveTo - Moves the specified object to a specific location within the same collection, renumbering all other items in the collection appropriately.

MoveToSectionStart - Moves the current slide to the start of the specified section.

PublishSlides - Publishes the specified slide to the specified location.

Select - Selects the specified object.


Background returns a ShapeRange object that represents the slide background.

BackgroundStyle sets or returns the background style of the specified object.

ColorScheme returns or sets the ColorScheme object that represents the scheme colors for the specified slide, slide range, or slide master.

Comments returns a Comments object that represents a collection of comments.

CustomerData returns a CustomerData object.

CustomLayout returns a CustomLayout object that represents the custom layout associated with the specified slide.

Design returns a Design object representing a design.

DisplayMasterShapes determines whether the specified slide displays the background objects on the slide master.

FollowMasterBackground determines whether the slide follows the slide master background.

HasNotesPage indicates whether the selected Slide has media that resides on a notes page.

HeadersFooters returns a HeadersFooters collection that represents the header, footer, date and time, and slide number associated with the slide, slide master, or range of slides.

Hyperlinks returns a Hyperlinks collection that represents all the hyperlinks on the specified slide.

Layout returns or sets a PpSlideLayout constant that represents the slide layout.

Master returns a Master object that represents the slide master.

Name when a slide is inserted into a presentation, Microsoft PowerPoint automatically assigns it a name in the form Slide n, where n is an integer that represents the order in which the slide was created in the presentation.

NotesPage returns a SlideRange object that represents the notes pages for the specified slide or range of slides.

PrintSteps returns the number of slides you'd need to print to simulate the builds on the specified slide, slide master, or range of slides.

sectionIndex returns the index of the selected section in the Slide range.

Shapes returns a Shapes collection that represents all the elements that have been placed or inserted on the specified slide, slide master, or range of slides.

SlideID returns a unique ID number for the specified slide.

SlideIndex returns the index number of the specified slide within the Slides collection.

SlideNumber returns the slide number.

SlideShowTransition returns a SlideShowTransition object that represents the special effects for the specified slide transition.

Tags returns a Tags object that represents the tags for the specified object.

ThemeColorScheme returns a ThemeColorScheme object that represents the color scheme associated with the specified slide.

TimeLine returns a TimeLine object that represents the animation timeline for the slide.

ColorScheme - Represents a color scheme, which is a set of eight colors used for the different elements of a slide, notes page, or handout, such as the title or background. (Note that the color schemes for slides, notes pages, and handouts in a presentation can be set independently.)

Comments - Represents a collection of Comment objects.

CustomerData - Stores information about a customer (such as name, address, telephone number, and so on) or other information in XML form, as a collection of CustomXMLPart objects associated with a Microsoft PowerPoint object.

CustomLayout - Represents a custom layout associated with a presentation design. The CustomLayout object is a member of the CustomLayouts collection.

Design - Represents an individual slide design template. The Design object is a member of the Designs and SlideRange collections and the Master and Slide objects.

HeadersFooters - Contains all the HeaderFooter objects on the specified slide, notes page, handout, or master.

Hyperlinks - A collection of all the Hyperlink objects on a slide or master.

Master - Represents a slide master, title master, handout master, notes master, or design master.

ShapeRange - Represents a shape range, which is a set of shapes on a document. A shape range can contain as few as a single shape or as many as all the shapes on the document.

Shapes - A collection of all the Shape objects on the specified slide.

SlideRange - A collection that represents a notes page or a slide range, which is a set of slides that can contain as little as a single slide or as much as all the slides in a presentation.

SlideShowTransition - Contains information about how the specified slide advances during a slide show.

Tags - Represents a tag or a custom property that you can create for a shape, slide, or presentation.

TimeLine - Stores animation information for a Master, Slide, or SlideRange object.