Class SetEffect (PowerPoint VBA)

The class SetEffect represents a set effect for an animation behavior. You can use the SetEffect object to set the value of a property.


To use a SetEffect class variable it first needs to be instantiated, for example

Dim set as SetEffect
Set set = ActivePresentation.SlideMaster.TimeLine.MainSequence(1).Behaviors(1).SetEffect

SetEffect class variables can be set using the AnimationBehavior.SetEffect procedure.


Returns the parent object for the specified object.


Sets or returns an MsoAnimProperty constant that represents an animation property.

Possible Values are msoAnimColor - Color, msoAnimHeight - Height, msoAnimNone - None, msoAnimOpacity - Opacity, msoAnimRotation - Rotation, msoAnimShapeFillBackColor - Shape filled with back color, msoAnimShapeFillColor - Shape filled with color, msoAnimShapeFillOn - Shape fill on, msoAnimShapeFillOpacity - Shape fill opacity, msoAnimShapeLineColor - Colored line, msoAnimShapeLineOn - Shape line on, msoAnimShapePictureBrightness - Brightness of the picture, msoAnimShapePictureContrast - Contrast of the picture, msoAnimShapePictureGamma - Gamma properties of the picture, msoAnimShapePictureGrayscale - Grayscale properties of the picture, msoAnimShapeShadowColor - Shadow properties of the picture, msoAnimShapeShadowOffsetX - Shadow Offset X, msoAnimShapeShadowOffsetY - ShadowOffset Y, msoAnimShapeShadowOn - Shadow on, msoAnimShapeShadowOpacity - Opacity of the shape's shadow, msoAnimShapeShadowType - Type of shadow, msoAnimTextBulletCharacter - Text bullet character, msoAnimTextBulletColor - Text bullet color, msoAnimTextBulletFontName - Text bullet fontname, msoAnimTextBulletNumber - Text bullet number, msoAnimTextBulletRelativeSize - Relative size of text bullet, msoAnimTextBulletStyle - Text bullet style, msoAnimTextBulletType - Text bullet type, msoAnimTextFontBold - Text font bold, msoAnimTextFontColor - Text font color, msoAnimTextFontEmboss - Text font emboss, msoAnimTextFontItalic - Text font italic, msoAnimTextFontName - Text font name, msoAnimTextFontShadow - Text font shadow, msoAnimTextFontSize - Text font size, msoAnimTextFontStrikeThrough - Text font strikethrough, msoAnimTextFontSubscript - Text font subscript, msoAnimTextFontSuperscript - Text font superscript, msoAnimTextFontUnderline - Text font underline, msoAnimVisibility - Visibility, msoAnimWidth - Width, msoAnimX - X coordinate, msoAnimY - Y coordinate.
ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange(1).TimeLine.MainSequence(1).Behaviors(1).SetEffect.Property = msoAnimColor


Sets or returns a Variant that represents the value or ending value of the SetEffect object's Type property.

Do not confuse this property with the ToX or ToY properties of the ScaleEffect and MotionEffect objects, which are only used for scaling or motion effects.

ActivePresentation.SlideMaster.TimeLine.MainSequence(1).Behaviors(1).SetEffect.To =