Sequence.AddTriggerEffect (PowerPoint)

Adds a trigger effect to the animation in a Sequence object.

Syntax : expression.AddTriggerEffect (pShape, effectId, trigger, pTriggerShape, bookmark, Level)

Dim effAddTriggerEffect As Effect
Set effAddTriggerEffect = ActivePresentation.SlideMaster.TimeLine.MainSequence.AddTriggerEffect(pShape:=, effectId:=msoAnimEffect3DArrive, trigger:=msoAnimTriggerAfterPrevious, pTriggerShape:=)


The following arguments are required:

pShape (Shape) - The Shape object with animation.

effectId (MsoAnimEffect) - The type of animation.

Here you can find possible values for MsoAnimEffect.

trigger (MsoAnimTriggerType) - The type of trigger effect to add.

Possible Values are

msoAnimTriggerAfterPrevious After the Previous button is clicked.
msoAnimTriggerMixed Mixed actions.
msoAnimTriggerNone No action associated as the trigger.
msoAnimTriggerOnPageClick When a page is clicked.
msoAnimTriggerOnShapeClick When a shape is clicked.
msoAnimTriggerWithPrevious When the Previous button is clicked.

pTriggerShape (Shape) - The Shape object that represents the trigger.

The following arguments are optional

bookmark (String) - The bookmark.

Level (MsoAnimateByLevel) - The level of animation.

Here you can find possible values for MsoAnimateByLevel.