Class Research (PowerPoint VBA)

Provides access to the research service feature of Microsoft PowerPoint.


To use a Research class variable it first needs to be instantiated, for example

Dim rsr as Research
Set rsr = ActivePresentation.Research

Research class variables can be set using the Presentation.Research procedure.


Indicates whether the GUID specified in the ServiceID parameter corresponds to a currently configured research service.

Syntax : expression.IsResearchService (ServiceID)

ServiceID: A GUID that identifies the research service.

Dim strServiceID As String: strServiceID = 
Dim booIsResearchService As Boolean
booIsResearchService = ActivePresentation.Research.IsResearchService(ServiceID:=strServiceID)


Returns an object that represents the parent object of the specified Research object. Read-only.


Specifies a research query.

Syntax : expression.Query (ServiceID, QueryString, QueryLanguage, UseSelection, LaunchQuery)

Dim strServiceID As String: strServiceID = 
ActivePresentation.Research.Query ServiceID:=strServiceID


The following argument is required

ServiceID (String) - Specifies a GUID that identifies the research service.

The following arguments are optional

QueryString (String) - Specifies the query string.

QueryLanguage (String) - Specifies the query language of the query string.

UseSelection (Boolean) - True to use the current selection as the query string. This overrides the QueryString parameter if set. Default value is False.

LaunchQuery (Boolean) - True launches the query. False displays the Research task pane scoped to search the specified research service.


Sets the languages for the translation service.

Syntax : expression.SetLanguagePair (Language1, Language2)

Dim strLanguage1 As String: strLanguage1 = 
Dim strLanguage2 As String: strLanguage2 = 
ActivePresentation.Research.SetLanguagePair Language1:=strLanguage1, Language2:=strLanguage2


The following arguments are required:

Language1 (String) - Specifies the language to translate from.

Language2 (String) - Specifies the language to translate to.