Class ResampleMediaTask (PowerPoint VBA)

PowerPoint Object Model Reference


The following procedures in this class have been grouped together and are described on a separate theme page

Format with its procedures SampleHeight and SampleWidth


AudioCompressionType returns the audio compression type.

Dim strAudioCompressionType As String
strAudioCompressionType = rmt.AudioCompressionType

AudioSamplingRate returns the audio sampling rate per second.

Dim lngAudioSamplingRate As Long
lngAudioSamplingRate = rmt.AudioSamplingRate

ContainerType returns the format type of the container of the sample.

Dim strContainerType As String
strContainerType = rmt.ContainerType

IsEmbedded returns whether the sample is embedded.

Dim booIsEmbedded As Boolean
booIsEmbedded = rmt.IsEmbedded

IsLinked returns whether the sample is linked.

Dim booIsLinked As Boolean
booIsLinked = rmt.IsLinked

profile returns the media mobilization profile for the specified media asset.

Dim prmprofile As PpResampleMediaProfile
prmprofile = rmt.profile

Shape returns the shape that is associated with the specified media asset.

Dim shpShape As Shape
Set shpShape = rmt.Shape

VideoCompressionType returns the video compression format of the sample.

Dim strVideoCompressionType As String
strVideoCompressionType = rmt.VideoCompressionType

VideoFrameRate returns the video frame rate per second of the sample.

Dim lngVideoFrameRate As Long
lngVideoFrameRate = rmt.VideoFrameRate

ResampleMediaTasks.Count returns the number of objects in the specified collection.

Dim rmts As ResampleMediaTasks: Set rmts = 
Dim lngCount As Long
lngCount = rmts.Count

ResampleMediaTasks.PercentComplete returns the percentage of completion of the sample.

Dim rmts As ResampleMediaTasks: Set rmts = 
Dim lngPercentComplete As Long
lngPercentComplete = rmts.PercentComplete