Class PlaceholderFormat (PowerPoint VBA)

Contains properties that apply specifically to placeholders, such as placeholder type.


To use a PlaceholderFormat class variable it first needs to be instantiated, for example

Dim pft as PlaceholderFormat
Set pft = ActiveWindow.RangeFromPoint.PlaceholderFormat

The following procedures can be used to set variables of type PlaceholderFormat: Shape.PlaceholderFormat and ShapeRange.PlaceholderFormat


Returns the type of the shape that contains the specified placeholder format.

The value returned by the ContainedType property can be one of the MsoShapeType constants.

Dim mstContainedType As Office.MsoShapeType
mstContainedType = ActiveWindow.RangeFromPoint.PlaceholderFormat.ContainedType


Returns or sets the name of the specified object.

ActiveWindow.RangeFromPoint.PlaceholderFormat.Name =


Returns the parent object for the specified object.


Dim lngPosition As Long
lngPosition = ActiveWindow.RangeFromPoint.PlaceholderFormat.Position


Represents the type of placeholder.

Possible Values are ppPlaceholderBitmap - Bitmap, ppPlaceholderBody - Body, ppPlaceholderCenterTitle - Center Title, ppPlaceholderChart - Chart, ppPlaceholderDate - Date, ppPlaceholderFooter - Footer, ppPlaceholderHeader - Header, ppPlaceholderMediaClip - Media Clip, ppPlaceholderMixed - Mixed, ppPlaceholderObject - Object, ppPlaceholderOrgChart - Organization Chart, ppPlaceholderPicture - Picture, ppPlaceholderSlideNumber - Slide Number, ppPlaceholderSubtitle - Subtitle, ppPlaceholderTable - Table, ppPlaceholderTitle - Title, ppPlaceholderVerticalBody - Vertical Body, ppPlaceholderVerticalObject - Vertical Object, ppPlaceholderVerticalTitle - Vertical Title.

The value of the Type property can be one of these PpPlaceholderType constants.

Dim pptType As PpPlaceholderType
pptType = ActiveWindow.RangeFromPoint.PlaceholderFormat.Type