Class Hyperlink (PowerPoint VBA)

The class Hyperlink represents a hyperlink associated with a non-placeholder shape or text.

Class ActionSetting gives access to class Hyperlink.

To use a Hyperlink class variable it first needs to be instantiated, for example

Dim hyp as Hyperlink
Set hyp = Application.Selection.Hyperlinks(Index:=1)

The following procedures can be used to set variables of type Hyperlink: ActionSetting.Hyperlink and Hyperlinks.Item.


AddToFavorites - Adds a shortcut that represents the specified hyperlink's target document to the Favorites folder in the Windows folder.

CreateNewDocument - Creates a new Web presentation associated with the specified hyperlink.

Delete - Deletes the specified Hyperlink object.

Follow - Displays the HTML document associated with the specified hyperlink in a new web browser window.


Address returns or sets the Internet address (URL) to the target document.

EmailSubject returns or sets the text string of the hyperlink subject line. The subject line is appended to the Internet address (URL) of the hyperlink.

ScreenTip returns or sets the ScreenTip text of a hyperlink.

ShowAndReturn determines if and under what circumstances Microsoft PowerPoint returns to the initiating slide show.

SubAddress returns or sets the location within a document — such as a bookmark in a word document, a range in a Microsoft Office Excel worksheet, or a slide in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation — associated with the specified hyperlink.

TextToDisplay returns or sets the display text for a hyperlink not associated with a graphic.

Type represents the type of hyperlink.