Class Broadcast (PowerPoint VBA)

A Broadcast Documents library that is used to store documents being presented.


To use a Broadcast class variable it first needs to be instantiated, for example

Dim brd as Broadcast
Set brd = ActivePresentation.Broadcast

Broadcast class variables can be set using the Presentation.Broadcast procedure.


Other Methods

AddMeetingNotes - Adds shared meeting notes for the specified broadcast that are accessible to attendees who use either Microsoft OneNote 2013 rich client or web app.

Dim strnotesUrl As String: strnotesUrl = 
Dim strnotesWacUrl As String: strnotesWacUrl = 
ActivePresentation.Broadcast.AddMeetingNotes notesUrl:=strnotesUrl, notesWacUrl:=strnotesWacUrl


AttendeeUrl provides the attendee URL that the presenter must share with remote attendees.

Dim strAttendeeUrl As String
strAttendeeUrl = ActivePresentation.Broadcast.AttendeeUrl

Capabilities returns a Long that represents the capabilities of the specified broadcast.

Dim lngCapabilities As Long
lngCapabilities = ActivePresentation.Broadcast.Capabilities

IsBroadcasting indicates whether the file is in the Broadcast Documents library.

Dim booIsBroadcasting As Boolean
booIsBroadcasting = ActivePresentation.Broadcast.IsBroadcasting

Parent returns the parent object for the specified object. Read-only.

Dim objParent As Object
Set objParent = ActivePresentation.Broadcast.Parent

PresenterServiceUrl if a broadcast is in progress, returns a String that represents the URL of the presenter service hosting the broadcast.

Dim strPresenterServiceUrl As String
strPresenterServiceUrl = ActivePresentation.Broadcast.PresenterServiceUrl

SessionID if a broadcast is in progress, returns a String that specifies the ID of the session.

Dim strSessionID As String
strSessionID = ActivePresentation.Broadcast.SessionID

State returns an MSOBroadcastState constant that describes the current broadcast state.

Dim mbsState As Office.MsoBroadcastState
mbsState = ActivePresentation.Broadcast.State