AnimationSettings.TextLevelEffect (PowerPoint)

Indicates whether the text in the specified shape is animated by first-level paragraphs, second-level paragraphs, or some other level of paragraphs (up to fifth-level paragraphs).

Possible Values are ppAnimateByAllLevels - By all levels, ppAnimateByFifthLevel - By fifth level, ppAnimateByFirstLevel - By first level, ppAnimateByFourthLevel - By fourth level, ppAnimateBySecondLevel - By second level, ppAnimateByThirdLevel - By third level, ppAnimateLevelMixed - Mixed level, ppAnimateLevelNone - No level.

For the TextLevelEffect property setting to take effect, the Animate property must be set to True. The value of the TextLevelEffect property can be one of these PpTextLevelEffect constants.

ActivePresentation.Slides(2).Shapes(2).AnimationSettings.TextLevelEffect = ppAnimateByAllLevels