XmlMap.Export procedure builder

XmlMap.Export (Excel)

Exports the contents of cells mapped to the specified XmlMap object to an XML data file.

Possible Values are xlXmlExportSuccess - The XML data file was successfully exported, xlXmlExportValidationFailed - The contents of the XML data file do not match the specified schema map.

Use the ExportXml method to export the contents of the mapped cells to a String variable.

Export (Url, Overwrite)

Dim strUrl As String: strUrl = 
Dim xxeExport As XlXmlExportResult
xxeExport = ActiveWorkbook.XmlMaps(1).Export(Url:=strUrl)


The following argument is required

Url (String) - The path and file name of the XML data file to export to.

Optional arguments

The following argument is optional

Overwrite (Boolean) - Set to True to overwrite the file specified in the Url parameter if the file exists. The default value is False.