Workbook.SendFaxOverInternet (Excel)

Sends a worksheet as a fax to the specified recipients.

Using the SendFaxOverInternet method requires that the fax service is enabled on a user's computer. The format used for specifying fax numbers in the Recipients parameter is either @ or @. You can access the user's fax provider information by using the following registry path:

SendFaxOverInternet (Recipients, Subject, ShowMessage)

ActiveWorkbook.SendFaxOverInternet _ 
 "[email protected]", _ 
 "For your review", True


The following arguments are optional

Recipients (String) - A String that represents the fax numbers and email addresses of the people to whom the fax will be sent. Separate multiple recipients with a semicolon.

Subject (String) - A String that represents the subject line for the faxed document.

ShowMessage (Boolean) - True displays the fax message before sending it. False sends the fax without displaying the fax message.