Workbook.LinkInfo (Excel)

Returns the link date and update status.

LinkInfo (Name, LinkInfo, Type, EditionRef)

If ActiveWorkbook.LinkInfo( _ 
 "Word.Document|Document1!'!DDE_LINK1", xlUpdateState, _ 
 xlOLELinks) = 1 Then 
 MsgBox "Link updates automatically" 
End If


The following arguments are required:

Name (String) - The name of the link.

LinkInfo (XlLinkInfo) - The type of information to be returned.

Possible Values are xlEditionDate - Applies only to editions in the Macintosh operating system, xlLinkInfoStatus - Returns the link status, xlUpdateState - Specifies whether the link updates automatically or manually.

The following arguments are optional

Type (XlLinkInfoType) - One of the constants of XlLinkInfoType specifying the type of link to return.

Possible Values are xlLinkInfoOLELinks - OLE or DDE server, xlLinkInfoPublishers - Publisher, xlLinkInfoSubscribers - Subscriber.

EditionRef - If the link is an edition, this argument specifies the edition reference as a string in R1C1 style. This argument is required if there's more than one publisher or subscriber with the same name in the workbook