Workbook.CheckInWithVersion (Excel)

Saves a workbook to a server from a local computer, and sets the local workbook to read-only so that it cannot be edited locally.

Setting the MakePublic parameter to True submits the workbook for the approval process, which can eventually result in a version of the workbook being published to users with read-only rights to the workbook (applies only if SaveChanges is set to True). To take advantage of the collaboration features built into Microsoft Excel, documents must be stored on a Microsoft SharePoint Server.

CheckInWithVersion (SaveChanges, Comments, MakePublic, VersionType)

ThisWorkbook.CheckInWithVersion True, "Changed sheet 1 and 2 etc...", True, XlCheckInVersionType.xlCheckInMinorVersion


The following arguments are optional

SaveChanges (Boolean) - True to save the workbook to the server location. The default is True.

Comments (String) - Comments for the revision of the workbook being checked in (applies only if SaveChanges is set to True).

MakePublic (Boolean) - True to allow the user to publish the workbook after it is checked in.

VersionType (Workbook) - Specifies versioning information for the workbook.